Tuesday, August 28, 2012

One of THOSE Days!

Very quiet around here...layin' low..really low. At 7 am, this mornin', mom was awakened by two ladies ringin' the doorbell. That's all...just the doorbell. No barkin', no scrabblin' of feet..just the doorbell. Half asleep, she figured we were outside...it was prime squirrel time. She opened the door to find these two ladies, that she didn't know tell her that we weren't at home...that we were all the way on the other street corner. Boy, did she wake up & get into action fast. Threw on some clothes (didn't care if they matched or not, grabbed a handful of leads (didn't care if she really wasn't gonna need 5 of them) & the car keys. Out the front door she went, but before she could get into the car, there's Lexie comin' down the sidewalk towards the house. Mom calls her & Lexie runs straight to her & the front door. Mom lets her inside & heads for the car. No sign of me. She drives down the middle street, then around that block, down the far street...still no sign of me. She's not in the mood for idiots that are late & want to speed & are honkin' their horn at her for goin' slow. She really don't care. It's the first day of school in our town & there's lots of kids waitin' for the bus, parents w/their little ones...lots of activity..but still no me. As she rounds the corner to the stop sign, she can see our house. So while that idiot is still honkin' their horn, she stops ('cause it's the law), & sees me at the front door, then since it's closed I go thru the driveway to the gate & I'm pawin' a board. As she creeps into the driveway w/the car (she's worried I'll run in front of it), I come back around & wait for her at the front door. She lets me in, then she goes out back (I assume we're under house arrest, we're quiet, she's quiet). In a few minutes, she's back w/boards, hammer, & nails. Out thru the front, then we can hear hammerin'. Mom thinks that some kids thought it'd be funny to loosen one of our fence boards. There's been a rash of lil' pranks around the neighborhood, kids lettin' off "end of summer/back to school" steam. By 8 am, she's back & made coffee...but it's still realllllly quiet around here. She's still not talkin' to us. I'm layin' in Lexie's lil' bed by mom & Lexie's in dad's chair...we're kinda pooped (we're not tellin' her how long we've been gone). Don't know how long the quiet treatment will last, but at least we'll be gettin' some rest 'cause it's been a a busy morning.

Noon update....dad came home for lunch & mom told on us. He said we were here at 3:30am, when he left for work & let us out. Lexie got up & greeted him, but I just laid on my bed & wagged my tail. He & mom both checked us over real good & our noses are all intact, so we didn't stick 'em anywhere they didn't belong. Lexie had a lil' limp, so mom checked her over & found a burr in b'tween her pads &
 took care of it. We're just really pooped. Dad figures we had been out & about since probably day break or when the board got loosened & came home when we got tired, thirsty & hungry. At least we stayed together & on the sidewalk, mostly...& mom didn't see any signs of trash bags ripped open...so we didn't do any damage to the neighbors trash. Oh...& she even saw a couple of those stray cats that terrorize me....so, I didn't even damage them. She doesn't think we even visited the kids waitin' for the bus, down on the other end of the neighborhood...but that woulda' given 'em somethin' to talk about on thier first day, though. While dad was here, the doorbell rang again....Lexie was on high alert & I went to the kitchen givin' my warning bark. Mom's first thought was..."omg..what did they do?". But it was just a workman that needed to get in our backyard to check one of the utility lines. Dad escorted him back there & then back out. Now, after about 3 cups of coffee & some lil' powdered sugar donuts (she rationalized that she needed the sugar to offset the adrenaline crash she's gonna have)....mom has calmed down. She even gave us a hug, after checkin' us out & a piece of jerky. Now, mom's gonna go change into clean clothes that match & we're nappin', & happy to be home...'cause no matter what...there's no place like home.

5 PM---
Ok...when you thought things were goin' back to normal......they don't. As you know, it's been pretty quiet around here today, me & Lexie napped alot & mom decided to go cut stuff down & dig stuff up in the backyard. (She likes doin' that, says she finds it relaxing). She had done a lot w/the clippers, but was headed for the chainsaw, when dad came home. He talked her into quittin' for the day & 
goin' for a ride to pick up some good fried chicken for dinner. Not to have to cook dinner...she was in the house & cleaned up quick. Then dad said we could go for a ride. Now, I don't know how ya'll are when presented w/the opportunity to "go" anywhere. Us? Well, one of these days mom's gonna get it on video..but we go beserk...runnin', jumpin, grabbin' each others leads...it's a circus. That is until mom goes to the front door & announces that whoever want to go better "come here" & be still. Of course, we know she means it & that's what we do. Dad had put on my lead, & mom went to put on Lexie's. Then we have to "sit" & "wait" while they open the door. Even then, we still "sit" & "wait" until we get the "ok". Then out the door we go. So far, everything's normal & on point. Dad gives the "ok" & out we go....me, dad, mom....ohhhh nooo...Lexie's lead somehow slipped off & she's runnin' toward the street. Mom's standin' there w/her lead & no Lexie. Lexie stops on the sidewalk next to the truck. You could just see all the choices that was flashin' thru her lil' brain...her paw was up, her ears flashin' back n forth, her head was turnin'..she was literally vibrating as she realized we were still back on the porch & she was out there alone & not on her lead. Mom (even surprised herself) calmly walked toward her & told her to "let's get in the truck". Lexie looked at her & then at the truck...still processing her choices. Mom, still calm & even closer, tell her again about gettin' in the truck. Lexie's still right there. Mom opens the truck door & tells her to get in.......& Lexie jumps up in the truck. Me & dad were right behind mom, & I jump in behind Lexie. Dad shuts the back door & then he gets in. Mom goes around & gets in her side & then hugs Lexie & tells her what a good girl she is...then puts on her lead. It was mom's mistake (she thinks she musta' had a brain cell blow up or somethin')...she hooked Lexie's lead on the ring that holds her tags, instead of the big ring. When Lexie pulled on it to go out the door, it snapped. Lexie acted like it was no big deal, but ate up the attention. The rest of the day has been uneventful, just all of us inside watchin' tv & layin' around. Mom's declared that we are still grounded, so no "outside" tonite..which is ok w/us...we're still a lil' pooped from this morning. There's always tomorrow........