Monday, March 14, 2016

AHS, not just all alarms.....

Lots of people have the idea that security services are all reactionary.  Respondin' to "alarm" type situations.  That's not necessarily true.  Here at AHS headquarters, we do that an' more.

For instance, this mornin'...I was up in my tower watchin' the neighborhood, while mom was movin' (confiscatin') that big tub of pecans off the stairs. She's tired of Lexie stealin' 'em an' leavin' shells all over my bed (they are a bit uncomfortable to lay on) an' the livin' room.   Anyway, I saw somthin' across the street that just wasn't right, an' yelled out an' alarm.

It didn't really help....I had to do it again.  Then I went an' gave mom a bark then went an' jumped back up on my bedcentral, an' let out another alarm.  Mom got the message an' went to see what was goin' on.   She looked across the street where I was lookin'' saw that the neighbor's lil' yorky was on their front porch.  There wasn't any sign of the neighbors, an' that lil' yorky is never out alone.  Not only that, but that lil' pup was yellin' at her front door, spinnin' an' tryin' to get someone to let her in the house.  (She's not built for knockin' or bangin' on doors like us airedales' that lil' bark of hers...well, let's just say it don't penetrate like ours do, either).

Mom watched for a minute, then asked me if she should go take care of it.  I gave her a nosepoke an' went back to watchin'.  I knew mom got the message an' waited.

Sure 'nuff,  I spied mom goin' out across the front yard an' then across the street.  That lil' yorky was torn b'tween wantin' to stay by her front door an' tryin' to hid from mom.  (Smart pup, she don't just go up to strangers).   Mom rang the doorbell an' told them their lil' yorky was loose an' had been tryin' to get back in the house.  They thanked her an' went outside, an' their lil' yorky raced to them from out from under their trucks.

After watchin' to make sure all was well, the yorky back in her house an' mom back across to our house, I raced downstairs an' greeted mom at the front door for a job well done.   Mom said I had really done a good job an' me an' Lexie got a bonus bacon strip.  '

So, you is more then just protection an' warnin' off the bad's also helpin' when you see somethin' that just isn't right an' doin' somethin' about it before somethin' bad happens.  Bein' proactive is just as important as bein' reactive.

Bailey, CEO of AHS

Friday, March 11, 2016

Rainy Nite Meetin'....

Well...Lexie an' I slept in this mornin'. We didn't even go in an' wake mom at our usual time. When she got up, she spied Lexie sprawled up next to dad an' just snoozin' away. Then she rounded the big chair to find me sound asleep (or pretendin' to be) on my bed by the c'mputer. Then w/a "humphhh"...she went to make her first of several cups of coffee.

Dad waited until she had her coffee in hand an' came back into the livin' room to ask what was up? He said that he noticed that Lexie an' I seemed to be a lil' sleepy this mornin'. Mom gave another, "humphh", took another big slurp of her coffee an' gave Lexie a "look".

About that time, Lexie decided to go patrol outback an' I took the hint an' went outside, too. Then mom proceeded to tell dad about "our nite".

It had been rainin' all day an' had finally let up at nitetime to the occassional lightin' (no booms) an' scattered showers. After about the third time we insisted on goin' outside, mom called a meetin' was only about 1 am. We thought it was about somethin' good.

She wasn't smilin'......Lexie hadn't realized she wasn't holdin' any cookies, either., we didn't come inside "right away" like she said to. An' she didn't come outside w/her big lite like we wanted her to. Just 'cause it had started rainin' again. An' yes, I was out in the rain w/Lexie. We were on the trail of somethin' by the pond an' we couldn't stop till we evicted it from our yard. (At AHS, we have a code, ya know). Mom wasn't impressed.

Mom proceeded to inform us that "outside was closed!!" That I was banned from my tower for the nite. All lites inside an' out were' we were both on "her list". (Not sure what that meant...Lexie was hopin' it was the cookie list) An' she wasn't happy w/ the "condition we were in". (It's not our fault that the backyard looks like a swamp......three days of constant rain...hello!), maybe we were both a lil' wet (from the rain), muddy (from the rains), an' had sticky weeds stuck to us (mostly Lexie, it's like she's velcro for that stuff)

In any case, , it's not rainin', mom's back to bein' normal, & Lexie an' I caught up on our rest. Already, I got to warn off them thievin' trash' mom even let me back in my tower. Lexie warned off a squirrel in dad's pecan tree an' one outa mom's lil' orange tree. We're not even layin' low or nothin'.....we've trained mom that everyday is like a blank page in a book..... an' who knows what's gonna be happenin' next.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

"No Harm/no foul"....maybe

You wanted to talk to me about somethin'?

Yeah.....I see's your lil' Owl table.......

It does look a lil' different......

....well, I blame that on Bozo. The mess on the floor? His fault, too. If he wasn't so messy, when I pulled his tray out onto the floor to do a lil' investigation under an' behind his cage all that wouldn't be all over the place. We had a time gettin' it outa our way.  

It was an official AHS operation. Lexie an' I were sure that a lil' mouse had come from the garage, thru your lil' laundry room an' was muchin' on seeds behind that cage..see, it's all Bozo's fault. If he wouldn't throw stuff all over the place, there wouldn't be any seeds for mouses to munch on.
You're back to that lil' table, huh? Bozo's fault! Remember Lexie an' I were w/you when you discovered it all. Just as you started to put his tray back, he jumped to the front of the cage an' know the rest. I hit the stairs, Lexie scrabbled for the livin' room....Bozo an' Fred were flappin' an' squawkin' as that big cage fell right over almost on top of all of' it knocked Fred's cage off it's stand an' it hit the floor, too. Whew! It was loud, excitin' (not in a good way)' if you'll remember...Lexie an' I weren't there, just you, Bozo an' Fred...a lot more mess, water in the' Bozo's cage was layin' on top of your lil' table. Bozo's fault.

An'...remember you were plannin' on cleanin' their cages tomorrow,, we helped w/gettin' you started early. An' got to mop the floor, too. So, that had to be a abonus, an' now, you don't have to do it tomorrow. Besides...maybe dad can fix your lil' table an' then there'd be "no harm/no foul"' Bozo'd be off the hook....I'm sure you agree. AHS cannot be held accountable....we were just doin' our job. The rest was just a series of unfortunate events.
In the meantime...I'll be in my tower.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Sent to bed without.....

Yep...not sure who was more upset, Lexie or mom.   It was like one of them classic nites, dark, mom out w/her big was pretty awesome.  Only this wasn't me.

Along midnite, mom was shuttin' the house down an' closin' outside.   I had been layin' beside her dictatin' an' readin' the FB news.  Then we both went to the back door to reel Lexie inside.  She wasn't on her lil' porch, so mom called her.  Then she whistled an' called Lexie.  Then she sent me out to get her.  I looked this way an' that way, then I took off to the far corner.  Mom grabbed her big lite an' followed....grumblin'...

There we both found Lexie.  She was in the middle of tryin' to move/tear apart/dig thru a pile of landscape timbers dad had stacked back there to use later.   Mom called her...but Lexie was in "hunt mode"....she had turned off her ears an' was totally focused on one thing....gettin' whatever was under those timbers.   Mom wasn't impressed.

Well, since I was out there...I started to investigate what Lexie was' sure 'nuff...there was somethin' there.  So, of course I had to lend a paw to gettin' it, too.  Mom wasn't impressed w/this developement, either.

Mom had to put down her lite, to climb over the timbers.  Then she managed to grab Lexie's collar an' drag her outa there.....which was a step in the right direction...except for the fact she lost a shoe.  He foot went between one of the boards an' when she pulled it out...the shoe stayed there.  So she's standin' in the dark, way out in the back corner, holdin' Lexie's collar.......on one foot.  She picked up her lite to find the' spotted it.   What to do....hold the lite to get the shoe or hold Lexie & try to get it in the dark.   She decided she needed her' the lite to get it.   In the meantime...I'm still investigating.

As soon as mom let Lexie go....Lexie was right back where she left off.  Both of us were now on that critter's scent.  Mom was now "shoed" on both feet...had her' full of resolve.   She waited until Lexie zipped past her an' snagged her collar, again.  Then she walked her away from the corner towards the house.  Lexie figured about that time, that mom wasn't in the mood for anymore nitetime huntin' an' when mom let her go an' pointed towards the house an' told her to "go to the house"...usin' "that tone"...well, the gig was up.   Lexie headed for the house.

I was still investigating.   Mom came back to the' kinda tapped me on my tail (she knows I turn off my ears when my nose in overdrive) to get my attention an' told me, "in the".  Hey...I'm no dummy....I figured I was still kinda on her good off I went.  In fact, I beat 'em both in the house.  

Mom came inside last.   Closed outside, locked the doors an' looked at Lexie (who was waitin' in the kitchen).   Mom told her "no cookies, tonite, young lady...dogs that have to be drug by their collars to come inside don't get cookies".  Then she changed all our water (they looked kinda disgusting from all the beard washin' from our hunt).   Lexie still looked a lil', mom gave her a big hug an' lots of pets...but still no cookies.  

We both followed mom to her bedroom.   I had to get my bedtime drink from her faucet, then I went up to my tower for cat watch.   Lexie laid down on the lil' bed by mom's side, later to move to dad's chair.

This mornin'...we both woke mom up w/kisses.   Lexie even brought her one of her stuffies.   As soon as mom got dressed.....she called Lexie into the' gave her a huge cookie.

It's a whole new' it's startin' out just about perfect for all parties involved......

But it's a looooonnnnggg time till

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Carpe diem!

Seize the day, is my motto.  No sense not to begin the day by takin' action.   Dad got up about his usual time of 5:30am, an' let me an' Lexie out.  Then he opened Lexie's lil' doggy door, we were free to come in or not.

About 7:30, I discovered dad snoozin' away back in that big bed.  Well....that just wasn't right in my book, so I let him now about it.  First, I gave him a lil' wakeup nose poke on the face.  He ignored me an' tried to cover up his face an' snuggle down in his covers.  Hmmm....I gave him a lil' woof...ignored..then a louder one....still ignored.  Ok....I had to resort to more stern measures.  I had to give him another the face...w/my paw.  Yep...a paw smack works everytime!

Dad got up, an' then went to check to make sure that lil' door of Lexie's was in fact open.  It was.  Then he came back to his room to climb back in bed. room.  Mom was sleepin' on her side.  An' I was sprawled out on his side.

I lifted my head off his pillow an' gave him a look.  He just needed to go to work or somethin'...'cause this was my time to get a lil' snooze w/mom.  It's not my fault he changed his days's not like i have a calendar in my pocket.  I like stability....I have my routines.   Dad's just gonna have to adapt, that's all there is to it.  I wasn't movin'!

He got the message an' decided to just stay up, lol.