Monday, January 14, 2013

Cold, Wet 'n Rainy Day..What to do....

Wow...we were looking forward to a whole day w/mom & dad. Maybe goin' for a long walk by the nature center...or a ride. Well, that didn't happen. First off, it started rainin', a lot. So we were all stuck inside. Lexie & I tried to make the best of it, by draggin' out almost all our toys, havin' a couple games of chase (usin' mom as base), & there was some wrastlin' involved. Finally, mom decided we needed a quieter game. She told us to go in her room & "hide our eyes". (We love this game...& know what's comin'). We went in there & jumped up on her bed to wait.  After a few minutes, she told us to "go find". This was extra exciting, 'cause we didn't know what she hid. We ran out in the living room & started our searchin', goin' to some of the regular places, like our beds, under pillows, behind chairs...ya know, the obvious places. She had hid some of our treats & some of our duck jerky. What she didn't do was pick up any of our toys, & there was quite a collection. Bein' extra sneaky, she hid stuff under our toys & in 'em. We were busy for a long time...well, at least 5 minutes longer than usual. LOL

About lunch finally stopped rainin', & we got to go outside. It was awesome, cold & the ground was soft, just perfect for some runnin' & rompin'.  We played & just can't properly let off steam in the just can't....

She may look little, but don't be fooled...


What?  I'm not ready to go back in....

She can spin on a dime....

I'm waitin' for Lexie to finish her lap around the fig tree & I'm gonna get her when she comes back around....he hehe....

After awhile, it started drizzlin' again, so mom made us come back inside. We were ready.  Mom & dad were settin' up a movie/snack tray for them & we didn't want to miss out on that, anyway. So, we came inside for a lil' nappin' & snackin'.   Dad decided that we'd been real good & even cooked us a burger.  It was awesome  (next time....hope we don't have to share & we get one each).

BORED! started rainin' harder........again....

That's how our day went.....cold & rainy...high spots & bored spots...but we got to spend it w/both mom & it was alllll good. About 10 last nite...the weather was perfect. We had rested up & were ready for some action. Mom let us out, & we took a bunch of toys out & had some awesome games of chase. I tried to get mom involved, but she wasn't interested for some reason. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

First Bath of 2013...

Well, we got our first baths of 2013. Mom's hopin' it's not an indication of how the rest of the year is gonna go. First off, let me get this part outa the way. My eyebrows better grow back before Valentine's Day, or everyone is just gonna see pictures of me wearin' a paper sack over my head. Mom said we were just gettin' baths, but she just couldn't leave well enough alone & started messin' w/my face after I got blow dried. Before I knew what was happenin'...she put the scissors down & was smoothin' the hair where my eyebrows are supposed to be & makin' "they'll grow back" sounds. I sure hope I said..I'm lookin' for a big sack, just in case.

Lexie got her bath & blow dried, too. (Mom left her some eyebrows & she's the wiggly one...go figure).  I don't know if you're aware, but Lexie has this hair on her legs that is....well, I can't even discribe's just long & there's enough for 4 more dogs. After mom dried's like she blew up...she's so poofy. Kinda explains why she has to be soaped up twice.  Just imagine each one of those millions of hairs on her legs coated w/dirt....then that first wash..the water looks like chocolate.  Now, me...I'm hardly dirty..dirt just don't stick to me..of course I don't wallor in it either.

Lexie...poofed &

Mom wasn't gonna take any chances. She's been like a prison guard w/that back door.  Makin' us "ask' to go out...tellin' us to "come right back", rewardin' us w/ a treat when we did...bribin' us w/bully stix to keep us busy...indoors.   Actually, it was a pretty good plan.. It worked for hours & hours. Then right at dark, when mom was fixin' supper, Lexie came boltin' into the kitchen w/a big grin on her face. She  had come "right back" & was expectin' her reward of a cookie... 

What she didn't expect, was mom pointin' at her feet, then grabbin' her & handin' her over to dad & sendin' them both back to the showers to get her feet washed. 

We're both, now,  under lockdown. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Keep cool...., my friends in Oz!

It's HOT down under!   While we're all bundled up here in the states with winter, our friends in Oz are swelterin'!  We can't send you any snow.  Actually, I'm down here in Texas & we don't get snow, but it's cold & wet.  In the summer, it gets really hot for me & Lexie, too. So, I sympathize with you all.  Mom's always lookin' for ways to keep us cool. Here's my Frosty Paws recipe. Mom, also, makes us "ice bowl" treats..with chicken broth & puts in all sorts of stuff... bits of chicken, blueberries, rice..whatever. She gets kinda creative.'s just



32oz Vanilla yogurt
1 Mashed banana  (or large jar of baby food banana)
2 Tablespoons peanut butter
2 Tablespoons honey

Mix it all together & put in lil' cups & freeze!
(you can use lil' plastic cups or bowls & "pop" em out..or even lil' paper cups)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Barkin' & Donuts

Mom's a lil' quiet this morning. Probably for the best. Lexie, aka Pig pen, is out runnin' wild in the drizzlin' rain. She's even lured me out there w/her barkin'. I'm thinkin' she's got somethin' cornered...well, she has..kinda...a squirrel in a tree one house over. Disgusting..I hate gettin' rain on my head. This weather is really chargin' her up. She went on a barkin' spree startin' at about midnite & lastin' most of the nite. Mom tried fussin' at her..she just talked back & got worse. Then mom locked us in the bedroom w/her & dad...that didn't work. Mom even made Lexie get up in bed w/her, where she got her to lay down & calm down. That lasted for about 6 minutes. Then she was barkin' to get let out. ('s really loud in a closed up room in the middle of the nite). Sometime this mornin', mom even opened her doggie door & let her have the run of the backyard. (Mom's been keeping "outside" closed at nite, 'cause of the weather & the possibilty of that coyote comin' back). Lexie didn't stay out there, she was right back at barkin'. At what? wonder? Our 20 yr old resident cat, who lives upstairs. He was sittin' on the middle of the stairs..not doin' anythin', but watchin' Lexie. That started the barkin'. Then he got bored w/the whole thing & went back upstairs. That really set her off. She really started barkin' 'cause she couldn't see what he was up to...& wouldn't quit. Talk about a catch 22. He wasn't about to come back down w/her barkin' & she wasn't gonna stop barkin' till he came down. Have I mentioned that Lexie, bein' little & a girl, has the loudest deepest bark you've ever heard. Dad got up about 6, & we went out again. When I came back, I jumped up in bed w/mom. I didn't get much sleep either. Of course, I had to give mom a kiss & lay down by her. She didn't even seem to mind that I was a little "damp" from the rain. But come to think of it...she did mutter somethin' & roll over. We dozed for a little while, till Lexie started barkin' at the stairs, again. Seems Mouse (the cat) peeked around the corner & set Lexie off again. I think he's doin' it on purpose. Dad went & got donuts, & even got us a lil' bag of donut holes (which makes no sense to me..they're round balls of donut, there's no holes.). Mom got dressed & got her coffee. Then she saw that lil' bag...then she looked at Lexie. (Who was sittin' there w/a big grin, waggin' her tail, totally oblivious to the lack of sleep everyone has had...especially mom). Then mom put down her coffee, opened the cabinet, got out our kongs. Then she stuffed our donut holes in our kongs! Do you have any idea how hard it is to get fresh donut "balls" outa a kong w/your tongue? Lexie was just as happy as a squirrel in a barrel of nuts, & it kept her busy for a loooong time. After about 10 minutes, I went to mom & asked for a big donut. That was too much work, besides...I was the "good one"..remember?