Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"...All the kings men & all the kings horses, couldn't put it together again...."

Bad news, today!  Sorry, to have to report the demise of one of my favorite things...my teacup! I don't have many possessions (well, actually mom says I have to count my toys, so I guess I do have stuff), but my teacup was special. It was part of who I am...like my Harley hat or fuzzy ball. I've had those things, like forever!

I loved my teacup. It was unique, like me. Lexie can drink outa her pond or pool, but this was my "to go" place for water, when I was outside. 

But, dang it!!  There was this hornet, that was drivin' me bonkers. I hate 'em!  Just not too long ago, one of 'em stung me, & I had to go thru the humiliation of havin' to go around w/"cat" britches, till it got well! Anyway, I was chasin' & snappin' at it...it was goin' thru all kinds of evasive manuevers..finally, I jumped up..... & almost got it. When I came down, I came down right smack into my teacup. Water went everywhere, & my teacup was in pieces. 

 Mom & dad left me & Lexie home to guard the house (like we have to be told? Duh!). We really wanted to go, too, but mom said it was too hot for us to stay in the truck. So, we took advantage of the quiet & took a well deserved nap in the AC, while they were gone. What a surprise, though, when they came back with a brand new teacup for me!  
 (Not sure about the flowers, though. I think one w/flames or something would be more my style.)

Of course, I had to check it out!  It works, even if it has flowers on it.  Mom, also, got some spray & said she's gonna take care of that hornet, if he shows up again. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Executive Washroom

Mom told dad, last nite, that he's finally gettin' a taste of her world. Lexie and I had been in & out quiet a bit, last nite. Dad didn't get home till midnite last nite, from work, so we were doin' a lot of patrollin'. About 1 am, he called us in...well, he called Lexie in, I was already done w/my patrollin'. I went to the door w/dad, while he called her, 'cause I was curious as to what she was up to. She comes runnin' in, all excited, to mom. Dad goes to the kitchen to give us our lil' piece of jerky before bed. I'm right there...but Lexie's not. He looked surprised, that she was gone. Mom wasn't, she was laughin'. She told dad, that as soon as he turned around, Lexie zipped right back out. That was her, "mom, mom, ....there's somethin' excitin' out there"...act.  Dad tried callin' her inside, again, but there was no Lexie.  So, he said he was going to bed. Mom grabs the flashlite, & I show her which was to go. Sure 'nuff, there's Lexie...layin' down in the grass watchin' a humongous stiff opposum.  Lexie jumps up, waggin' her tail a mile a minute & gives off a few, "look mom...it's huge....isn't it awesome...so exciting"..barks. After a few seconds of taking this in, w/me standin' beside her..mom turns around & goes inside. She finds dad about to get into bed. Mom tells him that his lil' Lexie is watching a 'possum. Dad grins & says, "that's my girl".  Then mom tells him, "yep, your "girl" alright...and she's watching it, but it' isn't going to be moving anytime soon...unless she decides you need to check it out...really close...like in bed".  He got the point, got dressed again & went outside. Mom & I watched the action from the deck. Dad found Lexie, still guardin' that 'possum, but when he reached for her, she thought he was reachin' for the 'possum. So, she picked it up & started walkin' off w/it. She didn't walk far, because it was so big, she had her head up as high as she could get it, & it was still draggin' on the ground. Dad grabbed her collar & told her how good she was. She dropped it, & went w/dad to where me & mom was. Mom gave her a piece of jerky, & the three of us went inside.  Dad took care of that 'possum, while we were in the house. Lexie was still so excited, so she & I played & reenacted the whole thing. Needless to say, we were not in the least ready to go to bed. I had dispatched that "possum, hours ago. I never meant for Lexie to guard it, but I guess w/her promotion to COO of AHS, she's just a bit overzealous right now. After I got my nitely drink outa mom's sink, Lexie jumped up on her tippy toes & got a drink, too! She had to really stretch her tongue to do it, but she got some laps in & strutted outa there after me. She thinks it's like finally havin' the keys to the executive washroom....well, I guess it is.  

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day Break

"Daybreak" & "Dark-thirty" are very special times. It's like when everything gets really still, you can almost hear the trees & leaves sigh. The birds are quiet & it's like everything is holding it breath. This is when the hunters are out, & the furry animals are sneakin' around. This morning, mom told us to go check her garden...it was that "time". Daylite had just gotten a good start. Lexie cut across the deck to the garden, I ran around to the side. She flushed a big squirrel. He ran up the grape arbor, & I had a bead on him. Lexie was hot on his tail, & she circled around to be between the arbor & the fig tree. But then...he panicked & made a flying leap to the crepe myrtles b'tween the arbor & the house. We regrouped & put those trees b'tween us. Lexie started givin' him some smack talk. He ran up as high as he could get...higher than the house. He laid down on that branch, prepared for a long seige. Personally, I just hate that. Those squirrels can stay like that alllll day long & there's nothin' we can do about it. Sooooooo frustrating!  We discussed this, & Lexie went inside to tell mom we had a situation, while I kept an eye on the squirrel. Mom was drinkin' coffee w/dad, & Lexie gave he a big excited nosepoke & a "come on" look & then ran back outside....mom didn't follow.  So, I left Lexie keepin' an eye on that squirrel, while I went inside to get mom. I went over to her & gave her a paw swipe & a nose poke....then a "lil' woof to tell her we needed her. She got up & asked me what I wanted..I went to the back door.  Finally, she got the message. (she's not a morning person, & until she gets some coffee in her, she's a lil' slow). Lexie told her that we got a squirrel up that tree. Mom looked where we were watchin', & she spied it, too. It was way to high for her to get it or even poke it. Know what she did? She got the water hose & sprayed it!  That squirrel came jumpin' off that limb, almost straight at mom. Mom kept sprayin' it, as it jumped over her head to the tree by the house, & then escaped over the roof. Mom put the hose down & looked at us...we were both standing in front of her, with a "that's not exactly the outcome we wanted" expression on our faces. She felt a little guilty...but then she asked us if we had checked the pecan trees...maybe there's another squirrel there. We took off like a flash...and guess what?  There was another squirrel!  I gave mom a glance to let her know, that we've got this. She went back into the house to finish her coffee, & we got down to business w/out any help. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Vet check & Frizbees

Hmmm.....why is dad talkin' to the neighbor...we're loaded & ready to go!!! 
 Had another visit w/my new doctor. She's really cute & nice..and gets down on the floor w/me & gives me hugs. Of course, I've got to give her kisses for that. She was just checkin' my ears, & declared them A-OK! I do have a question, though....if I'm in there for an ear check, why the poke in the "you know where"?  We were the first ones there, this morning & all the staff had to come out & talk to us. We scored cookies from everybody!  We were both so good in the exam room (of course), my doctor gave us each a lil' frizbee!

"HEY!!   LEXIE!!   What are you doin'.?  That is not  what you're supposed to do w/that!"  

"I'm customizin' it, Bailey...after I'm thru...I'll work on your's...ok?"

Monday, June 4, 2012

DON'T LAUGH...(well maybe you can a little)

 Ok, ok....maybe you can laugh, al little. It's not my fault my mom has a perverted sense of humor.  I got stung by something, & no matter what kind of medicine mom put on it...I just couldn't keep from licking it..which made it hurt & itch...which made me lick it... it's a vicious cycle..but one of those cycles , I just can't seem to stop & get off of.  Soooo, she got some different medicine & put these pants on me. Actually, the new medicine makes it feel better. I tried lickin' thru the pants at first...but that didn't work so well. One question, though....why did she pick out pants w/Garfield the CAT on 'em?......like I said, "perverted" as in "twisted". 


Mom.....if I have to wear these...I expect a bribe!...a good one!  Oh, & Lexie says she wants one, too, or she's gonna pull 'em off me.  (She's already tried once, & we were goin' round & round in a circle.)

It's a good thing, I'm totally confident in my masculinity & my place in the dog world. Not everybody could pull this off!


The Queen's Diamond Jubilee was so exciting!!  A lot of my friends in Britain had celebrations & parties. There were flags & royal decorations, everywhere! Proper attire was required! (Did you know that the photographers were required to wear top hats & tails?). The Whole world was caught up in the celebration, & the flotilla was televised!

Down here in Texas, we got caught up in the excitement, too! 

 Like I said, proper attire was mandatory. I've got my formal wear, w/cravat & top hat. Lexie's wearing her pearls & facinator.

 Ok...we're ready for the parade!!!  It's gonna be so spectacular....1000 boats (including the Queen's barge), 7 miles long, going up 25 miles of the Thames river...with music, bells...& rain (but that didn't dampen anyone's spirits).

 Look at that...they Queen waved!  And did you see her barge stop & do a 360, right in the middle of the Thames?....and the flyby?

 Lexie kept asking when the corgies were gonna come out....I dunno, but I finally told her they were probably home on a royal pillow w/bonios & watchin' their mum on the telly.

Lexie had a great time & really enjoyed it. Of course it involved water, so that made it even more exciting for her!

Hmmmm......wonder if they have any openings at Scotland Yard?

Saturday, June 2, 2012

AHS--Garden Report.

AHS report...morning inspection showing absolutely zero damage in mom's garden! Well, except the squash has a bug problem, but that's not in our area of expertise..sorry. We've been pullin' all niters, which works out perfectly for me. (I do like naps in the AC during the day when it's over 90 degrees). All of dad's traps are empty, Mr owl & the whirly thingabobs are doin' their jobs this morning (they only work on dumb birds, mom). Mom, I know you think your latest plan is what worked. You managed to make the garden look like it's covered w/lil' snowballs, & it kinda smells. We liked the peppermint smell better, but you went & added a bunch more coated w/ methol rub. Famous people say it's the result that matters, not the method....well, we're claiming full credit for this, & as per contract expect extra chicken wings for allllllll those hours of hard work while you were snoozin' all snuggly in your bed the last couple of nites. 

P.S.....disregard Lexie tryin' to get extra credit, by claimin' she caught a rat in your garden.....                               that's her rattie, don't be fooled. :)