Monday, February 29, 2016

Official Meet 'n Greet w/ Ginger

Lexie an' I had an official "Meet 'n Greet".....w/Ginger, the new corgi pup next door. An' not just her nose, either (we found out her dad knows all about that broken fence board she took out so she could stick her nose into our yard). Anyway, it was in our front, Lexie, mom, dad, her mom an' dad, an' her two kids...Nickolas an' Abby.

Mom was gonna just take Lexie out there first. For some reason she thought both of us at once might be too overwhelming. Really?!! Take Lexie instead of me? I'm the calm one...the "adult", not a wild card like Lexie. Although, she does tend to be a social butterfly in group settings. Mom's reasoning was all based on the fact that Lexie listens to Ginger's complaints w/out judgement....while I tend to tell her to "shut it", when she's yappin' at the' she does do that a lot. I'm just tryin' to teach's not like I'm mad at her or anythin'. I even try to engage her in fence racin' to get her mind off stuff.

Anyway, I, mom put our new harnesses on us, an' we dragged her out front. Dad got to the porch just in time to keep mom from topplin' over. (Mom still doesn't know how we managed to have her wrapped up like a giant spinnin' top w/our leads in just that first step outa the house....). Newly separated, we made our way to meet an' greet Ginger in the middle of the yard.
Talk about excited, Ginger was a rollin', wrigglin', pullin', out of control, red an' white furry bundle of noise. Her dad could hardly contain her. Lexie got to her first, an' Ginger jumped up in her face. Lexie jumped back an' that just encouraged Ginger to do more jumpin'....her dad thought Ginger wasn't bein' nice...but mom told him that she was just excited an' bein' a puppy...that was not aggression. She just wanted to play....guess he's never seen me an' Lexie in full out play mode. You could tell Lexie liked her an' wanted to play, too...but w/leads on, it's kinda hard.

Then I got there an''d think me towerin' over her would intimidate her a lil'? Nope...she jumped right up on my face...which was a feat in itself since her lil' legs are almost nonexistent. then she was tryin' to jump on my back...up my legs. I could barely get a nose sniff in w/all the jumpin' she was doin'. Her dad was horrified an' pulled her back into his lap. She didnt' like that at all an' was really lettin' him know. Then he was tryin' to hold her mouth shut thinkin' that her barkin' might upset us. Mom told him that we were' that Lexie did lots worse to me when she was a pup. So, he let her go. I guess Ginger figured out that she needed to calm down a lil' for her dad, 'cause then she was crawlin' on her belly to me. An' as soon as she got close...she popped up an' was wrigglin' an' jumpin' on me an' then on Lexie, too.

Mom could tell me an' Lexie really didn't know what the point of all this was...hey, we had our leads on...were out front...that meant we were chompin' on the bit to go for a walk. So, she suggested that what we should all'd be good for all of us to go.
Off we went on our walk.....Ginger in front...back,....side....well, all over the place at the end of her 6' long lead (not too much in front actually). She kept goin' round her dad to walk by Lexie (who was on her best behavior walkin' w/dad). An' then Ginger would try to come back to where I was, to make sure I was still there...I guess. Like I said...she was all over the place. We tried to show her the to sit at the corners an' wait for the cars....what hydrate has all the pee mail an' which ones don't...the normal stuff. But I have to tell you....she's really is all over the place...maybe it's the close proximity to the ground of her nose an' eyes....I dunno, but she has an interestin' way about her is all I can say.

On the last leg of our walk, we came around some cars... There were some people sittin' on a bench in their yard w/their dog. That dog started barkin' a warnin' at Ginger an' Lexie. (They were ahead of me). Then I came around the corner an' let him have it. Lexie an' Ginger had walked past him an' ignored him..he had no reason to be rude. I usually ignore that sort of thing....but Ginger was a lil' pup, not to mention Lexie was up there, too.' like mom told her dad...I now consider Ginger part of my' I don't an' have never liked any dog messin' w/lil' pups or my family. Of course, Lexie had to put in her two cents at that point, but dad kept her walkin'. Mom had ahold of my harness (she loves that handle) as I walked by glarin' at that dog, who along w/his people were sittin' there w/big eyes an' mouths shut. I guess they got the point.

Then we stopped on the way home to say "hi" to one of our neighbor friends that just got outa the hospital. We didn't stay long ( I really wanted to check out her garage for that cat that lives there). Found out that Ginger doesn't like cats, either...which isn't good since she lives w/one.

Ginger's family is first time doggy, they have a lot of questions. Mom laughed when Ginger's dad asked if she was goin' to always have that high pitched yap. She laughed some more when he showed her the four toys she destroyed this week an' about the big hole she dug in the middle of the back yard. Later, mom & dad talked about it an' they think Ginger'd love to come in our yard an' play. She run her lil' legs off an' we'd have great fun.....but her dad would probably be horrified if he ever watched us play bitey face. If she keeps workin' on her fence...we may find out sooner then later, lol.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Into the Dark.......

It was a cool clear nite as we made our rounds. Mom was sittin' on the couch watchin' tv w/dad. Then she noticed she was bein' me. I was standin' at the big door, just starin' at her. As soon as she saw me.....I took off.....just disappeared. Awhile later....there I was' again...I disappeared. Then Lexie zipped way..then the other...then back again. Then it was like we were never there.

Mom went back to watchin' her tv. It was some kind of suspense show...she likes them. All of a sudden she jumped....due to the surprisin' loud bang on the back door.....I was back! An' to get her attention, I gave that door a big knock an' backed it up w/a giant grin....while starin' right at her. She finally got the' got up. Of course, as soon as she opened the door, I took off w/Lexie (who was hidin' in the wings so to speak). Mom began to follow us..but then turned back for her big lite. We had rounded the big grapefruit tree to the gardens by the pond...then disappeared.
She came back out w/her big lite, then took the shortcut to the pond, lookin' for us. We were bein' quiet an' by now, she'd figured out that she was in the middle of a hide n' seek game an' was "it". All she could see was shadows an' every now an' again somethin' tan flittin' across her lite. She couldn't find us.

Then she decided to take that lil' trail that's got bushes on either side of it to cut us off. She thought she had seen us by the pond bench. This is probably her least favorite trail to take in the dark....'cause gettin' spidery webs in the face is thousand times worse in the dark, an' she's convinced that dark trails w/close bushes is just a recipe for stuff to jump out at you. Truth be told, she may be right, she has experienced some incidents on this trail. This is about where that mouse ran across her foot (we chased it out from under a bush), that snake in the palm tree (that was scary since it was at face level...she went one way & it went the other not sure who was more scared), & the possum over her head (just one of our normal nite hunts).

In any case, she was determined to find us. So, off she went down that lil' trail..but not too fast. She was almost to the cut off to the bench...when somethin' poked her in the back of her legs....she jumped an' turned around...just in time to see a flash of two tails round the corner at the end of the trail. We had circled around an' had been followin' her.

Mom turned around an' headed back to the house.....only to find us. I was layin' on the' Lexie was up in that big chair w/dad. He looked at her an asked, "where have you been?" She looked at us, made that "face".....and just nodded an' said, "funny....really funny guys".

Hey....she wanted suspense an' excitement.....we just aim to please. :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Wet Dogs an' Cold Showers

That cold/flu medicine really knocks mom out.  She's been sleepin' later then usual, so , naturally,  I've been up in bed w/her makin' sure she's not disturbed.   Lexie an' I couldn't go out at our regular time this mornin' 'cause it was pourin'.   Finally, about 9:30, we couldn't wait any' it had slowed down some.   Dad let us out, but I can tell you, I wasn't out there very long.   Just a quick run to the trees an' get my business done an' then back in the house.   Then, of course, I had to go back an' check on mom, who was still in bed.   She was awake...still just kinda, I went an' gave her a good snufflin' an' a kiss on the face. (I do that every mornin' as soon as I know she's awake).   She reached up to pet me "good mornin'".......

Then she pulled back her hand w/a "ewwwww"....."you're all wet!"...."where have you been?".......Then Lexie popped up on the side of the bed an' gave her a big reached down to pet her "good mornin"' repeated the "ewwww"..."you're all wet, too!"........

About then dad showed up w/the towels an' told mom that we were too fast for him.   Obviously, we want to tell mom that it was rainin'

Needless to say, mom was fully awake by now...she said wet dogs is kinda similar to a cold shower first thing in the mornin' an' she got up.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Raisin' Mom.....

I dunno what's w/mom.
First off, I don't know why she gets so suspicious when she don't see or hear us.
Second, our house isn't that big, you'd think she'd be more aware of what's goin' on.

She's been leavin' the greenhouse open durin' the day, 'cause it's been so sunny.  At nite, she closes it up 'cause we've still got pretty cool nites.  Lexie an' I followed her out there to close it up, an' then went on an' did a patrol.  Mom went back in the house an' got busy, well busy doin' mom stuff...borin' as heck as far as Lexie an' I are concerned.  It didn't even evolve the kitchen.

Awhile later, mom took a moment an' realized she hadn't heard or seen either one of us since she closed up the greenhouse.   I wasn't in my tower, Lexie wasn't nappin' in the kitchen or on the couch.  Neither one of us were in our beds.  So, mom went to the back door an' opened it..then proceeded to call us.   No answer.   She whistled an' called us again.   Still no answer.   About then, she was startin' to get concerned an' called louder...nothin'....not even Ginger from next door.

Now she was gettin' worried.......

We were, too.....

Lexie went thru her lil' door to stand on her lil' porch to get a better look to see what mom was lookin'' I finally pushed past mom's legs to see, too........
Still not sure what the emergency was.  Lexie an' I were stayin' outa the way an' just nappin' in her room when we heard her open that backdoor.  We came right away an' were standin' behind her.....but she never turned around.  

At least we got a cookie treat outa' it.   Maybe I need to write a book., "An Airedale's Guide to Raisin' Mom".

Sunday, February 14, 2016

It's all about Love.....Happy Valentines's Day

Just spendin' it w/family an' those your love....don't need anythin' fancy or "storebought".   Me an' Lexie have been at our pet resort while mom an' dad went cruisin'' just got back yesterday.   Today, is just a hangin' around the house day.....but mom let me in on a secret....when she an' dad went to the grocery store , cause there wasn't any food in the house except for our kibble  (for some reason, it's good enough for us, but not for her...go figure), she bought me an' Lexie a lil' steak.   Now, I may take back that "storebought" any case, a steak is much better then flowers or a card.  Even Lexie agrees.  

Friday, February 5, 2016

Wobbler Games

Havin' fun in the house w/our big kong wobbler. It's filled w/some fancy kibble sample mom got. Lexie an' I are takin' turns whackin' it an' rollin' it.

" your help, it's stuck behind mom's chair....."

<dad gets up an' moves it back on the other side of the livin' room>

"'s stuck over there again, an' I can't get it unstuck (even Lexie's helpin' to call for help)"

<dad gets up an' moves it the other side of the chimes in an' tells him to do himself a favor an' move our beds in front of her chair>

"' can't reach....."

<dad gets up to see what's the matter...the wobbler is just beside that big wooden' I'm havin' an issue over by mom's chair>

"'s some of that kibble...under mom's' I can't get, it's right there....get it...but don't give it to's' don't throw it away...'cause it's mine....gimme...."

<dad finally looks to where I'm pointin'' sees the two tiny lil' pieces of kibble....behind mom's chair....he gets ' 'em to me...then thinkin' I don't notice, makes a sarcastic comment to mom about what a big deal that was for two tiny lil' pieces of kibble> was a big deal....Lexie an' I were havin' a competition to see who found the most....those two pieces put me way over the top........she was still over there rollin' an' whackin' that' it was empty.

Cold Noses

I just love snuggglin' w/my mom in the big bed in the mornin's. Dad's up or gone to work. Me an' Lexie have been out patrolin'. That bed is all comfy an' warm. I usually snooze against her back or across her feet. Sometimes, Lexie is up there, too...but mostly she's snoozin' on the floor on a pillow that mom's tossed down there durin' the nite. Our day doesn't start till mom gets up, an' we like to be close to her when she's sleepin'.

Mom gets up almost the same time every mornin'....she don't use a clock...she says when you're used to gettin' up at a certain time an' you're as old as she is...that clock is sorta built in. Lexie an' I understand that....'cause we know about what time she gets up. On the times when dad's there in the mornin'...we keep him company until it's about that time an' then we go in the bedroom to mom. If she's awake, we greet her w/mornin' kisses an' hugs....if not...then we wait.

Well, yesterday, mom was busy goin' thru her closet....I guess she got really tired, 'cause she didn't wake up at the usual time. I had been out patrollin' w/Lexie. It got down to freezin' last nite, but the sun's up this mornin'' there's even some kind of work crew a couple houses, Lexie an' I have been busy. All of a sudden, I checked my internal clock an' realized that mom wasn't up. I had to go check on her.....I got up in the bed from dad's side, so as not to disturb her. Then I thought I'd check on her. I got up an' snuffled what part of her face an' neck that was stickin' outa the covers an' then gave her a gentle kiss on the face.

Normally, she'll give me a hug...some pettin'' then I'll lay down beside her for some cuddlin' an' "me" time. Imagine my surprise when she almost bolted upright w/her eyes all wide. Then she plopped back down w/a , "where have you been?" an' really snuggled back under the covers.
How was I s'posed to know my nose was like an' ice cube?

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Nothin' s Free

Ok....I've admitted my addiction to those lil' tiny "Altoids peppermints" that dad carries around in his pocket.  So, naturally, I've developed a method of "workin' the system" an' trainin' dad.  I greet him everytime he comes home an' follow him to  the bedroom, where he empties his pockets.  He puts everythin' in this lil' basket on that table by the bed.  

First, I try to be polite an' sit patiently for him to give me one (or two).  But there are times when he's for some reason not thinkin' an' forgets what exactly we're doin' here.  When this happens, I have to resort to more intense methods.  Like yesterday.....he was talkin' to mom an' totally forgot to give me my mint.   I waited patiently....watched him empty his pockets, then take off his shoes..then the socks.   At that point, I knew I had to do somethin' extreme to get him back on point.   I took both of his socks an' headed out to the livin' room.   That got his attention.  Then mom asked me what I was gonna do....simple...I'm gonna reward him w/a sock when he gives me my mint.

I waited for dad to figure it didn't take long, before I heard him call out, "Bailey, where's my socks?"   I was standin' over 'em in the livin' room, an' mom was laughin'.   Then she said, "well, what are you gonna do, Bailey?".    My answer was to pick up one of them socks an' race back to the bedroom to dad.....where I presented it to him.   At first he thought I was gonna just give it up for nothin', but as in any trainin'...there's no reward for nothin'.   I wasn't gonna let go till he got it.   He figured it out an' gave me a mint....I gave him the sock.  Easy peasy.
Then I raced back to the livin' room an' got the other sock.   (I wanted to reinforce the exercise).    Back to dad I went...w/the second sock.   He had it down pat, this time.  He gave me a mint....I gave him his sock.  

Now, all this happened last nite when dad came home from work.   I figure he's doin' really good an' has this down.   This mornin', he went an' bought donuts.   Mom had her coffee an' donut.  It smelled so good....all warm an' sweet.  I grabbed her shoe.....instead of givin' me some donut for the shoe...she ate it.  Then she tried to get back her shoe....for nothin'.   I took it outside....then Lexie grabbed it......both mom an' dad had to go hunt for it, 'cause neither one of us were bringin' it' she wonders why....well, I can quote one of her rules back to her...."nothin' is free, you gotta do somethin' to get somethin'", mom.....remember that donut?