Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mom.....I'm thirsty

Nose poke....(I don't usually do this, but I'm tryin' to be quiet)....nothin'. O...kay, pat w/a paw....she just patted me back & rolled over. Hmmm...this is not workin'. I know, a full frontal assault, standin' up on the side of the bed, lay on her & give her kisses till she wakes up. Well, she woke up a lil', rolled back, hugged me, pushed me back down & told me to go to sleep. I've got her now......more kisses...she's awake now! Looks at the's 2:30 am, "okay, okay, what do you want?", she asks as she's gettin' up. She heads to the door, but I block her & herd her toward her bathroom. She opens the door (she's so easy when she's half asleep). I stand up on her sink (sublety don't work when she's like this, you gotta be direct). She turns on the water. Ahhhhh...nothin' like fresh sink water, I was thirsty! Yea, I know, I had water in my bowl, but I wanted sink water, it's the best. Meanwhile, I drink about a gallon & she's standin' there, like a zombie, waitin' for me to get my fill, so's she can turn off the faucet. Finally, I'm finished. We both leave the bathroom, I head for my bed & she hers. I'm content, now. She's muttering somethin' that sounds like "unbelieveable". We're both asleep as our heads hit our pillows. ZZZZZ

Friday, November 18, 2011

Lexie's quiet, too quiet......

Morning was pretty's doin' stuff w/clothes. I'm just kinda hangin' out, keepin' an eye on mom.  Lexie's pretty quiet.....too quiet (that always seems to make some kind of "blip" on mom's radar) decides to just go check on her,  & there's Lexie on my bed (again) just happily holdin' somethin in her lil' paws & chewin' on it. & I both look & can't figure it out what the heck she's got. Lexie is kinda hidin' it in her paws & just lookin up at mom. Then she quick like pops it into her mouth. Mom starts to take it, but after feelin' the part that's actually hangin' outa Lexie's mouth, decides the "ick" factor warrents somthin' better than her bare hand. I keep watch, while mom goes & gets a lil paper towel. Then she tells Lexie to drop it....well, Lexie kinda plops it outa her mouth on the paper towel. Mom still can't tell what it "was". Maybe a lil' bird, a tiny lil' part of a hummin' bird...don't know. Lexie's still layin' there w/a big expentant look, as if mom's gonna give her approval an' give it back.  In any's "ick" factor won out & it got disposed of. Then me & Lexie got a mom approved cookie. Personally, I kinda like how this all turned out. One question, though...why always does Lexie always take contraband to my bed?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Extreme Lexie

What a day! Lexie has outdone herself today. First, she got into a box & stole a bag of chia seeds. Then, took it to my bed & proceeded to open it & spill 'em all over. There was a godzillion of them lil' seeds, everywhere!! Lucky for her, she managed to keep 'em all on my bed...& herself. Mom confiscated the bag & went on the c'puter to make sure Lexie hadn't OD'd on somethin'. Don't think, Lexie ate many, anyway. They must not have tasted very good. Mom took my bed out & shook it in the garden (guess she'll have lil' chia plants comin' up all over). Then she tried to wash 'em off Lexie's face & nose. They were stuck on there like they'd been superglued. I think it'd been funny to leave 'em. Just imagine, Lexie...the first chia 'dale. Lol. 

Later, mom & I were in the kitchen. She was washin' dishes, & I was helpin' by watchin' the neighborhood. All of a sudden, I "woofed". I never "woof". Mom turns around & sees what I see. Guess who was trottin' up the sidewalk to the front door? Yep, Lexie! We both rushed to the front door, & when mom opens it, in comes Lexie. As pretty as you please, with her lil' tail waggin', very pleased w/herself. Mom checked her all over & made sure she was alright. I gave her a good sniffin' all over, too. Then mom locked us both in the house & made a beeline to do a fence check. Sure 'nuff, Lexie had pushed a lil' hole in the fence & had gone to the neighbors backyard. Guess, she was stuck in there, so she kinda dug under their fence & scooted out to the front yard. Then came "knockin'" on the front door, like she'd done somethin' great. So, mom spent the next hour doin' fence repair. She was still in shock that Lexie was "out & about", but so relieved she came right to her front door. Lexie has never been loose...ever! Dad comes home for lunch, & we all have some nice quiet down time. Mom's enjoyin' that, after the morning she's had. 

So's, after lunch, mom's doin' laundry. On one of her passes, she looks at Lexie on my bed (again, right?). She's gnawin' on mom's new purse, that she was so proud of gettin' for 50% off, the day before. Boy!! I haven't seen her so mad..she snatched it away from Lexie & told her she was "bad"! Then she made her "leave it". I guess, Lexie decided that mom really really didn't want her to play w/her purse anymore. "cause she left it alone after that. Mom got in her car & rushed to the store & there was only one more left, so she got a replacement. Although it's not such a great bargain,now. But when she came home, Lexie met her at eht door w/one of mom's lil' pillows & waggin' her tail. Mom told Lexie she wasn't mad & gave her a big hug. It's all good. For the rest of the day, Lexie has sure been lovin' it up to mom, bringin' her pillows & snugglin'. You'd think she was just the perfect lil' angel...if so, why'd she try to steal my rawhide right outa my mouth? She ate hers.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

If you're gonna play hide & seek w/someone, be sure & tell 'em!

Another FYI----if you're gonna play hide & seek w/someone (MOM), be sure & tell 'em. When I was a pup, I always went in dad's side of the closet & mom would go, "where's Bailey?" Then she'd open up her side of the closet & be all surprised & say, "There he is!!", & we'd laugh & laugh. I still do it, but not all the time (you gotta change up your routine). This morning, I did it, while she was in the shower. I was realy quiet, too! Well, she got dressed & then left....closin' the door. I could hear Lexie bein' a nuisance, when mom was cleanin' the bird cages & puttin' out the trash. I tried to let her know where I was, but she thought I was barkin' at some critter outside. She even sent Lexie out to "help" me. Actually, she was only tryin' to get Lexie out from underfoot, so she could get them cages clean. Then, I heard her in the kitchen puttin' up dishes. Finally, I tried again, to let her know where I was.  I heard her tell Lexie to go find me (again). Lexie goes outside & then comes back in to report, that I wasn't out there. (Did she look in mom's bathroom? Noooooo! I think she knows where I am the whole time, how could she not?). Since mom only told her to go check outside, that's all she did.  Then I hear mom go in the backyard & call me. I actually could watch her thru the window, but she didn't see me. I'm just shakin' my head & waitin'. She's callin' & callin' me. I watch as she does a fence check, all is intact. But "no Bailey". We both can hear some dogs down the street all in an uproar about somethin'. I can tell she's startin' to panic, thinkin' somehow I might be involved. (Not likely!). Lexie is just runnin' around w/her, thinkin' this is exciting stuff.  I wasn't worried, I knew she'd figure it out...eventually. So, I'm waintin' patiently. Sure 'nuff, mom comes in & starts openin' doors. First, the laundry room & door to the garage. No Bailey. The stairs....nope...still has the gate across the bottom. Then ............she opens her bathroom door...."There's Bailey!!!" We both laugh & we all go in the kitchen for a cookie!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Airedales just wanna have fun.......

Dad's Learnin' AHS protocol

Last nite, Lexie & I had a possum treed up in the big Crepe Myrtle, by the fence. It was over on the side of the yard that is dark. We had chased it up there, but couldn't get to it. Plus, it was up high & we couldn't see. So's, I sent Lexie in to get dad, while I kept watch. Finally, he came out w/the big flashlite. I stood up on the tree & told him that we needed more lite. He put the lite on the possum. So..I went on the other side & did the same thing. (sometimes w/mom & dad you just gotta keep repeatin' stuff to get them to understand what you want). He got it...& shined the lite over there. Still, no possum....we kept him out there till he shined that ol' lite all over the tree & every single branch. We don't do anything halfway, we're professionals. Our policy is that you either get "it" or get rid of  "it". This time, that possum had slipped over the fence. Well, nothin' to do, but go in the house & get a cookie or somethin', & report to mom that we at least got it outa' our yard! Mom listened to dad's report of havin' to stand out there shinin' a lite up in a tree, & all she said was, "see what I go thru, if nothing else...they are thorough".

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Stolen Goods

Yep...Lexie did it again! See? Sometimes it's just great havin' a lil' sister. I can continue to be the "good one", yet benefit from her antics. She stole a whole bag of pretzels from the kitchen this morning. Then she took off out her lil' doggy door, with the bag flappin' outa' her mouth, hopin' no one saw her. Only problem was, she left all the evidence & stolen goods behind! That's right, once again, she grabbed the bag by the bottom, dumpin' all the contents before she finds her "safe" place, where she thinks she can enjoy it in private.
I saw it all unfold, & just waiting for her to make her "escape". Then, I do what I usually do..."follow the trail of crumbs", in this case a whole lot of pretzels, & eat the evidence.  It didn't take her long to discover that she was just left holdin' the bag....and nothin' else. So, here she comes & starts eatin' pretzels from the other end of the trail.  Of course, this attracts unwanted  She sees what's goin' on...both of us munchin' as fast as we can, 'cause we know she's not goin' to let us eat all of these pretzels. She goes outside & retrieves the empty bag & then  we have a race of who can get/eat the most pretzels. She's scooping & we're munchin'.  I think she won.  To add injury to insult...she gives some to Bozo, the macaw & puts the rest in his food tin!

It's gone!

I'm milkin' my sore ear for all it's worth & stickin' close to mom in the house.  Lexie has the morning shift, at AHS, & is out  patrollin'. At least that's what she's supposed to be doin'. Last I saw, she had parked herself under one of the pecan trees & was staring up at the top. She's been like that for hours! I swear, she's gonna get a crick in her neck!  It's a lil' windy, & I finally went out and did a security check, myself. Sure nuff, there's no squirrel...he excaped long ago over the roof of the shed. Lexie's still insisting that he might still be up there....

Saturday, November 5, 2011

ZZZZZ.......WHAT!?!?'s been messin' with my blog stuff all afternoon.  Boring! I bet she coulda' saved time if she went and found some lil' kid in the neighborhood to do it. Anyway,  Lexie & I have been busy patrollin' , not much goin' on outside tonite. So, finally, I just decided to lay on the couch & watch mom. Of course, I got so comfy, I fell asleep. I'm snoozin' and all of a wakes me up! Just 'cause I was kinda sleepin' with my eyes open a little & she said it was grossin' her out. Now, how rude is that?  Well, I'm leavin' & gonna go climb up in bed with dad!

Mom.....I gots a broke ear :(

Sometimes it just doesn't pay to get up in the morning. It was a great day, I thought. Mom and dad were both home, it was bright & cool outside, and Lexie & I even started the day off with a little squirrel chasin'. Then it was time for breakfast, and the great smell of bacon & biscuts. Now, mom & dad don't always give us any, but that don't stop us from tryin' to get some.

They got their breakfast & we've got them surrounded...just in case they drop somethin' or maybe decide to share. Ya, never know. Lexie & I are ready for anything. They finish eating, & mom is taking the dishes to the sink...all of a sudden, she's callin' my name & it's not in the "give me a treat tone". I freeze & look at her. Then, she's got dad over there lookin' at me, too. There's somethin' wrong with my ear! One's up & the other is down. I try to tell her that I'm just havin' a bad hair & ear day. It don't work.

The next thing I know, she's got all that ear cleanin' stuff out. You know...the wet stuff, the cotton balls that she soaks & stuffs down your ear & those lil' sticks that get poked down your ear. Yuck!  Yep, they both get to work on my ears, but I've still got clean ears from my bath. Mom's stumped, so she gets on the phone & now I've got a dr appt tomorrow. All this, and I still didn't get any bacon or biscuts. Well at least I know I'll get somethin' tomorrow, "cause my vet is inside the big doggy store full of great stuff.