Thursday, October 27, 2016

The mouse an' hole.....

The weather is gettin' cooler..especially in the mornin's.  This mornin', it was almost cold!

 The sun was shinin' all day, but Lexie & I have been busy alllll day. We sniffed out somethin' in mom's box of garden tools & stuff that she keeps up on a sink in her green house.   We made her clean it out, as she muttered that was not what she had planned for today,  & sure 'nuff...some little vermin ran off in the bushes. 

You should have seen Lexie. Once she saw mom start takin' stuff out, she started draggin' stuff out, too...everythin' she could reach.  Then it was empty, but then she saw that lil' mouse hidin' in the corner. Lexie was determined to get it...right then...right there.  She kept tryin' to find somewheres to put her leg up, so she could climb up in there. She was hoppin' & stretchin'....finally she walked off & if there had been anything she coulda dragged over to give herself a leg up ....she would have. She looked, too!. 

Anyway, the mouse got away in the bushes. But it was sure fun while it lasted. Mom then discovered my hole...right by the patio. Now...I haven't dug a unauthorized hole...well, since the last time I dug one. It's been awhile. Funny thing, this is the same spot I dug one when I was just a lil' guy. Anyway, mom wasn't pleased. So, dad filled it all in. I watched. All was good in mom's world, again. About an hour later, she came back outside...& lo & behold, guess what she found? That hole magically came back! Same spot, same size & in mom's eyes...the same But there's no proof that it was me, other than the laughin' out loud smug look I gave her, when she was standin' over it. She just looked at me, then nodded & muttered "that's ok...I took care of this problem about 3 yrs ago...I can do it again". Dang it...she did. She went & got some of my poop....of all things...put it in that hole...& then covered it up. She's right...there's no way no how that anyone is gonna be diggin' up my poop. I gave her an appraising look...gotta admit, she's smart. Then I turned away & pawed at the ground about 2 feet away & gave her another look..... :)