Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Why MY bed? That's what I'd like to know. Lexie's got her own....but oh no...that just won't do.  No sireee bob.  Now, it's after 11 pm & it's MY bed that gotten put outside for the nite, not hers. Mom said it has to be totally disinfected before it comes back inside the house. Why? Well, just let me tell you.  It all started, kinda, when mom got tired of all the racket we were makin' in the back yard...& then we weren't.  For some reason, she thinks that "weren't" part is a signal for her to come investigate. Not really, we're just regrouping.  Anyway, she comes out & finds us under the fig tree lookin' up.  She looks up, but doesn't see anything.  Then she looks down & sees a lot of broken limbs on the ground...some of 'em kinda big. She is NOT happy...& starts picking them up to put in water, hoping she can root them tomorrow.  So, there she is..under the fig tree pickin' up limbs..here & there...& then she stands up & feels a limb on the back of her head....she brushes it off.   It doesn't feel like a limb & it moves.  She backs away & shines her lite...right into the face of a big male possum.  I was sure glad she shined that lite on him...'cause we had kinda lost him in the dark, so, of course I jump up & try to grab him.  She's backin' off, 'cause that limb is really flexible, & I think she was worried that possum was gonna boomarang right at her. The possum has a 5 point grip (countin' that tail) & is movin' pretty fast up that limb outa my reach.  Lexie is goin' nonstop w/her barkin'.  Mom's past bein' startled & now she's mad.  She goes into the house to get dad's pellet gun.  By the time she gets it loaded & back outside....I've shaken that varmit loose.  Mom comes out to find me w/a satisfied grin & Lexie runnin' off w/that possum in her mouth.  I head for the house for a cold drink of water (my job's done, as far as I'm concerned).  Mom's on the chase w/Lexie.  Round n' round they go...in n' out they go...mom's tellin' her to "leave it", "drop it', "wanna cookie", "go to the kitchen"...just about anything she can think of to get Lexie to leave that possum alone & go in the house.  But, you have to understand, Lexie is too worked up & her ears are OFF.  Mom follows her around the path to the pond, thinks to head her off around the grapefruit tree...then looses her. She goes all over the yard...twice...can't find her...or the possum.  With one of those terrible "ohhhh nooo" feelings, mom goes into the house.  There's me...in the kitchen by the fridge wantin' some ice & lookin' for mom's reaction to what's next (Lexie..you've just gotta love her...she makes me look so good)...& there's Lexie..also in the kitchen waitin' for a cookie.  Then....there's that possum..on MY bed.  OHHHH NOOOO is right.  Mom heads for my bed w/the shovel she still has, me & Lexie head for my bed to...well....not sure.  I just want to make sure that possum doesn't start runnin' around or attack mom.  Lexie probably wants to get it & take it outside.  Mom grabs Lexie & locks her up in the laundry room.  Then she gets the possum off my bed w/the shovel, grabs her lite, & back out she goes.  I follow for security.  About halfway across the yard, that possum grabs the shovel & starts to pull himself up the handle.  Now, mom's holdin' it halfway down the handle, so there's not much between her & it. I see what's goin' on & offer, by jumpin' up, to take care of it once & for all. Mom's walkin' really fast & tryin' to keep it outa my reach (don't know why).  She makes it to the back fence, drops the lite & flings that possum over the fence.  Whew!... As she starts to make her way back across the yard...she hears a voice.  It's the neighbor, standin' at the gate askin' her what's she's lookin' for (he saw the lite goin' criss cross across the yard that bunch of times when she was after Lexie).  So, she stopped & kinda gave him a small version of what happened.  Wanna know what the most surprising thing was?  Mom was actually wearing regular clothes.  It's just a matter of time before one of the neighbors starts video taping her. lol.