Friday, March 10, 2017

Day Lite Savin's Time

Helpin' mom get all the clocks ready. I don't really understand this Saving Daylite's just changin' clocks, seems so silly. It's been pouring down rain for two days...if we saved any daylite, why can't we use some of it today? Anyway, mom said we have to change all the clocks tonite ahead one hour. I'm a lil' confused on what to do about this sundial watch.
Mom, I guess you're just gonna have to remember to either add an hour, shift a lil' clockwise...or forget about it..'cause it don't work in the house or at nite anyway.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sometimes you want Alone time

Lol, it turned cool & we were out runnin' & runnin'. Lexie came in so pooped she tried to make a lil fort outa both our beds, then completely zonked out


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Monkey See....Monkey Do

Mom's always callin' Lexie a "lil' monkey". Partly 'cause she's always jumpin' or climbin' up on stuff. But mostly 'cause the is a "monkey see, monkey do" kinda gal. Pretty much everything she knows is 'cause she's watched me do it. (Of course she sometimes puts her own spin on things.)

For instance.....three years ago....

Last nite, she did somethin' new. Here's the deal...back when there was just me (seems like forever ago), I used to play ball outside w/mom. Then along came Lexie, who is so eager to plea
se, she took over the outside ball n' frisbee games. She wanted so bad to do it...I let her. Mom or dad throws a ball or frisbee across the yard & Lexie chases after it as fast as she can. Ever since then, me & mom have a private game every nite in the house w/one of my lil' soft balls or binky. I'll take it to mom...then she'll tell me to "go waaaay back", & I'll back up across the room. Then she throws it, I jump up n' catch it, & she claps real loud. Then I take it back to her, & we do this 3 or 4 times. It's our thing. Last nite, we were doin' this..& all of a sudden, Lexie goes over to her toy box & grabs a stuffed squirrel & takes it to mom. Mom asks her if she wanted her to throw it...& Lexie starts backin' up across the room w/a big smile on her face, all on her own. gotta understand...Lexie can't catch..she's terrible at it. (Her havin' only one eye she can see out off..may have a lil't o do w/it)   Usually, the only thing she can catch that's thrown to her, is my big fuzzy ball or her giant pumkin'. Both of which are bigger then her head, so they're hard for her to miss.

Well, Lexie stops about 8 feet from mom w/a look of serious concentration. Mom shows her the squirrel & gives it a slow toss right to her. Lexie jumps' grabs it w/both paws & her mouth..surprisin' all of us. You should have seen how excited n' proud she was as she brought that squirrel right back to mom to do it again. Heck..I was even excited. Guess she's been watchin' me & figurin' out how to do it...& it worked. She's probably the only 'dale that catches stuff w/her front paws in the air, but it works for her

Friday, February 24, 2017

AHS Log-Spring's just around the corner....

Ahhhhh....spring is right around the corner & here at AHS, we're glad to be back in action. This winter hiatus stuff is boring.

 About 2 am, mom got up to get a drink of water...of course, we head to the back door & give her that "look". She lets us out w/her, "now, you come RIGHT back!". We had good intentions, it wasn't our fault....and I did send Lexie in to tell her somethin' was up, while I ke
pt a close eye on that varmit...a loud close eye (if you know what I mean). Well, mom came out w/a flashlite, barefooted & in her stripey jammies to make me quit. 'Cause all that noise was right outside the bedroom window, where dad was sleepin'.

First she checks us, then the roof & then....(I had to point it out) the top of the tree. Yep, right there at the tippy top was a lil' possum, holding on for dear life. That's right...he better hold on tight.....

Mom told us to come inside, & since I already knew, there was no chance of us gettin' it, we came in. Once they make it to the top of that tree, they just scamper across the roof to who knows where. So, knowin' possums....since they aren't too smart, we'll get another chance at him.

Anyway,  Mom closed outdoors again, just in case.

Now, this morning (normal mornin' hours accordin' to mom)...she hears us makin' a racket again. She goes out to check, & Lexie immediately runs to tell her all about it & lead her to the scene all excited like. An' she greets mom all covered in mud & now, so is mom.

When mom makes it to the fence, where I am.....I point out to her our culprit, that is just out of reach. So, so close..but we can't get to him. On top of that, he's slow & maybe stuck.  At least he sure looks stuck.....classic case of a round thing tryin' to fix in a square hole.

Once again, being the CEO of AHS..I decided that to make an executive decision an' assign Lexie the job of keeping an eye on him, freeing myself up for more important warning off the couple of chows that were bein' walked on my sidewalk in front of my house, helpin' mom w/her buttered toast. You know...that kinda stuff.

Meanwhile after a bit, it got kinda quiet...too goes out to check on Lexie. T
here was evidence that she had tried to dig under the fence in the mud.  I guess the mud got to her an' she had rinsed off in the pond. We found her just sitting there by the fence, soakin' wet, (but w/mud on the top of her head)  staring at that turtle...just daring it to move.

Mom says it's gonna be a long day.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Mooch....

Don't know why I'm even commentin' on it. It's an ongoin' situation , & I don't see it ever changin'. Actually, it's a "who" & not a "what"...Lexie...aka- "the mooch", "the wheedler", "the suck-up". 

It almost always or dad will call us into the kitchen. Then they'll give us somethin'...maybe a cookie or piece of jerky..just somethin'. I'll get mine...take it to my bed-central & TRY to enjoy it. Lexie gets hers about a nano second after I get mine...and then proceeds to scarfs it down, then runs after me, stares at me while I'm tryin' to enjoy mine...hopin' I'll let her have it. 

When she decides I'm ignorin' her (the best I can), she runnnnssss back in the kitchen, sits, wags her lil' tail, ..prob'bly grins or holds her paw up in the hope to score an extra. Oh...I know what's goin' on. Believe it or not...a lot of times she gets away w/it, & gets another one.

As I finish mine, I listen for a chuckle, the lid to our cookie jar, or any talkin'. Then I make my way back in the kitchen. An' lo & behold..just in time to see her either gettin' another treat or munchin' on one. 

Naturally, they feel guilty & give me another, too. You'd think that'd be the end of it...but nooooo. Lexie is tryin' all over again w/the cute act.

I'm not about to leave a second time...I wanna know if she gets away w/it.

She's got them convinced that the extra she got by herself didn't count, & that if we are both there...we have to both get somethin'. It wouldn't be fair to only give one of us somethin' in front of the other.

Actually, you have to give the lil' con artist credit for a well thought out scheme.

I'm not really concerned....& I'm not tellin' about the fact me & mom have a secret silent signal, or the fact that when she does it...I very quietly go to her & she gives me somethin' special. (It's our lil' secret).

Monday, February 20, 2017

What's the Alarm About?

I dunno what's w/mom. First off, I don't know why she gets so suspicious when she don't see or hear us. Second, our house isn't that big, you'd think she'd be more aware of what's goin' on.
She's been leavin' the greenhouse open durin' the day, 'cause it's been so sunny. At nite, she closes it up 'cause we've still got pretty cool nites.

It was a lil' before dark that Lexie an' I followed her out there to close it up, an' then went on an' did a patrol. Mom went back in the house an' got busy, well busy doin' mom stuff...borin' as heck as far as Lexie an' I are concerned. It didn't even evolve the kitchen.

Awhile later, long after dark, mom took a moment an' realized she hadn't heard or seen either one of us since she closed up the greenhouse. I wasn't in my tower, Lexie wasn't nappin' in the kitchen or on the couch. Neither one of us were in our beds. So, mom went to the back door an' opened it..then proceeded to call us. No answer. She whistled an' called us again. Still no answer. About then, she was startin' to get concerned an' called louder...nothin'....not even Ginger from next door.
Now she was gettin' worried.......really worried....

We were, too.....

Lexie went thru her lil' door to stand on her lil' porch to get a better look to see what mom was lookin'' I finally pushed past mom's legs to see, too........
Still not sure what the emergency was. Lexie an' I were stayin' outa the way an' just nappin' in her room when we heard her open that backdoor. We came right away an' were standin' behind her tryin' to help......but she never turned around.

At least we got a cookie treat outa' it. Maybe I need to write a book., "An Airedale's Guide to Raisin' Mom"

Thursday, February 16, 2017

AHS does Squirrel Rescue

After dinner last nite, I went out to do..well, what I needed' to check the perimeter. Good thing....I found somethin' an' after tryin' to solve it myself, I let out an alert. I couldn't leave it, an' finally dad came out to see what was what. He didn't see anythin' but me tryin' to tear down Mr JD's fence post. He figured I had chased a lil' field mouse or rat into it an' was just tryin' to get at it. So, he made me leave it an' go back in the house.

A couple of hours later, me an' Lexie both confinced mom an' dad that we needed to go out. Dad figured it was a safe be that whatever had learned it's lesson an' had escaped an' (accordin' to mom musta had a brain burb) thought I had forgotten (really?!?).
Anyway, he let us out an' naturally, I zoomed straight across the yard to that back corner. Within seconds, I was back to soundin' an alert....along w/my assistant (cohort) Lexie. We were havin' a fit....a loud fit.

While mom was laughin' grabbed her lite an' a lead an' took off across the yard. (He has a different approach then mom). After a minute or two, he came back in the house w/me. Turned me over to mom an' then headed out after Lexie. When he returned w/her, he told mom about the fence post an' that somethin' must be in there...'cause he could hear somethin'. mom said she wanted to see what we were concerned about. (She knows' even for us, this was a tad unusual).

So, dad took mom out to show her where the problem was. There was somethin' in there alright. Mom could hear it. Dad thought maybe it was a bird...but then mom pointed to the lil' openin' at the bottom an' said she doesn't know of any birds w/red fur. There pokin' at the bottom was a lil' squirrel's paw.

Somehow, he had completely fallen down that hole in the post an' got himself stuck. I had been tryin' for hours to unstuck him...but that post wasn't budgin'. Mom went an' called Mr JD, an' told him that dad was outback an' he had a squirrel stuck in his fence post an' it needed rescuein'. A few minutes later, dad was in the house borrowin' mom's long barbque tongs an' puttin' on his grillin' gloves....he an' Mr JD had a plan.

First, they put a hose down the post, an' the squirrel grabbed on an' climbed out....but when he saw dad an' Mr JD...he ran the wrong way an' got himself stuck in the other part. So, dad tried to grab his tail w/the tongs with the intent to pull him out an' grab him w/the glove....but the squirrel scrunched up his tail an' dad couldn't get to him, all he got was a lil' tuft of tail hair.

Their next plan was to cover the post' poke him w/the hose from the other end an' make him back out. That worked....he backed himself out, grabbed the edge of the fence w/a death grip, poked his head around, looked at dad an' then hightailed it across our wooden fence to the trees.

Whew! That lil' guy was probably stuck there most of the day an' hours into the nite.. He had almost lost his bark when mom heard was a lil' hoarse an' desperate soundin'... Lexie an' I chase squirrels as they run from tree to tree, even occasionally when they get on the ground. But we've never caught one...not sure if we really want may be all about the chase. But....we do know the sound of' when somethin' isn't right. When that happens, if we can't fix it, then we're gonna get help. It's nice to know that mom an' dad pay attention.