Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Security Detail

Mom an' dad took us for a lil' walk around the neighborhood. Not much goin' on....guess it was dinner time for everybody. Didn't even see any' I've got to tell you, Lexie was ziggin' an' zaggin' tryin' to look for one under all the cars an' around bushes. Dad even made the comment she was actin' like a wild child, lol. 

We did pass a guy mowin' his yard, an' mom had us walkin' in the street since he was right by his sidewalk. Lexie didn't care for that...she insisted on gettin' back on the sidewalk as soon as we could. Mom thought that was good that she knows she isn't s'posed to ever be in the street.
I don't zig an' zag that much...I've got my security persona on. After all, in our neighborhood, ya never know what's gonna' in the past it has. An'...I've got the whole family to watch out for.

Dad said he was impressed at how I can "bulk up" an' look bigger then I am. Actually, don't know what he was talkin' about...I'm just me. Mom laughed at that, an' said if I was bein' so "noble an' professional" why did I insist on poopin' in someone's front yard everytime we go on a walk? Well, I'll tell you....I'm makin' a statement. I just have no idea why she insists on removin' my statement an' takin' it back home w/us. 

We did have a moment that I got to show off my skills. There were some cars parked across the sidewalk, an' we had to go around. First dad an' Lexie went around 'em...then me an' mom. There were somepeople sittin' an' standin' around a bench by the sidewalk. All of a sudden, out from under that bench came a growlin' lungin' dog. He was tryin' his hardest to get at me an' mom...well, you can just imagine my reaction. I was gonna convince him that wasn't a good was surprised an' only had my lead wrapped around her left arm an'' a bag w/my poop (again, why?) in the other. She pulled me back w/me still pretty mad, but we continued on down the sidewalk....w/me lookin' back every now an' again to make sure that yorkie stayed put.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Dark as Nite......

It was dark as' I'm not just talkin' about the fact that dad got up at 2:30 in the mornin' to go to' in turn woke me an' Lexie up. After all, it wasn't even dawn, yet.

We got up.....went outside 'cause he said, too. Bein' curious as to why he was up so early, we didn't stay out very long. Lexie went to the kitchen an' started demandin' a cookie.....I went to the stairs an' demanded he remove the gate an' let me in my tower. He managed to give in to both demands pretty quickly, lol.

I went up to my' had just settled in to begin my surveillance when I saw it! Like I said...dark as nite, blendin' into the darkness, layin' right smack dab in the middle of our front yard. Like he owned the place. NOT!!

I immediately stood up an' roared a warnin'! He heard me alright....there was no mistakin' what I was sayin', either. Even dad could tell this was no cat warnin' (I do warn the stray cats to stay off my street). He didn't even try to tell me to quiet down......I heard him open the front door an' step out to see what kind of threat we had. An' then he saw it! standin' in the middle of our front yard.
I watched for a few seconds, till I saw dad steppin' away from the front porch an' towards that big rottweiler....then I really roared!....warnin' that guy that he better leave an' not even think about gettin' close to my dad! That rottie took my promises (I don't threaten) to heart an' moved outa my front yard to Ginger's front yard.

Dad just watched him for a' noticed that he was draggin' what looked like a long' on the end of it was a big stake.

Don't know if he was tied up in his own yard....or someone saw him wandering around an' staked him out in their yard for his own good. ....In any case...he was out an' about on his own. None of us have ever seen a rottweiler in our neighborhood. Dad said he seemed friendly an' looked like he was waitin' for dad to call him...but when dad didn't, he continued on down the street.

Just as well, as far as I'm concerned.....everytime we'd go to the big PetFest, there were hundreds of' the only ones that ever tried to attack me, were rottweilers...don't know why...but they seemed to have a real aversion to airedales for some reason. So, I don't particularly trust 'em. An' I'm sure as heck not gonna let one invade my house!....afterall, mom was still asleep an' who knows, maybe he was waitin' on friends to mount a home invasion or somethin'......I dunno, but I'm markin' this down as another quick an' positive resolution by AHS! Once again, the homestead is safe!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

I don't make threats.....just promises

"tap, tap, tap, tap" had me in the kitchen to fix her mistakes on my haircut. Like that lil' tuft of hair on the right on the top of my head......we heard that, she looked at me...I looked at her. Then she looked out the kitchen window an' didn't see anthin'. So, we both ignored it. Sometimes Bozo knocks on the wall w/his beak...maybe that was it.

A few minutes go by.....then, "tap, tap, tap, tap"....not loud at all. We both look at each other...that wasn't Bozo. Mom still doesn't see any vehicle in front of the house.....she's not expecting' even the neighbors woulda' knocked louder then was too weird...she wasn't gonna go to the door..maybe they'll get the message an' go away.

Then....a lil' while later......the door bell rings...twice! I don't even wait for her response....I roar!!!, an' head towards the front door. Mom's right behind me.
All she can see is someone right at the door w/a black jacket an' cap.....she grabs my' opens the door.

Mom can tell by just feelin' me next to her, that I'm coiled up ready to take care of business. I'm not makin' a sound, but I'm not lookin' at this guy w/any kind of friendly curiosity....I'm lookin' at him to plan exactly where my mouth is gonna go. I'm guessin' that look was read correctly by the bearded strange guy at the door. He jumped back about 15 feet w/his hands up in the air. Mom just said, "NO!" as he tried to mutter out somethin' about just "tryin' to make a livin'" & wantin' to "cut limbs for $90"...then slammed an' locked the door.

I ran to the kitchen window...again w/mom right behind me. We watched as he walked to the other side of our driveway. He had it parked where mom couldn't see it. Then he backed down to in front of the house two yards' sat there. We think he was either makin' notes or someone else got in from where ever they were. Then they drove off slowly down the street.
Mom's thinkin' that they were checkin' out houses to see who wasn't home....or some kind of racket.
At least now they know not to mess w/our house.
Mom says, AHS is worth it's weight in gold. She likes that I don't get all crazy at the door. I say it's always better not to threaten someone.....just look 'em in the eye an' give 'em a promise....if you know what I mean.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

London Fog

What a nite! The moon was shinin'..but just made everythin' seem a lil' sinister...spooky (accordin' to mom). Walkin' around, you can't see anythin' but the swirlin' heavy mist...then the trees an' bushes pop out in dark greys an' black shapes as you get close to 'em. Sounds are muffled an' it's hard to pinpoint which direction they're comin' from. It was cold, an' the air it was somewhere between a fog an' a said it looked like a "London Fog". (I think after havin' watched "Ripper Street", it's still stuck in her mind). With her lite, she could see a solid curtain of teeny tiny water droplets an' not much beyond. There were lil' puddles of water on the leaves an' even Lexie's cone she's still wearin' from her ear surgery, because the air was so saturated. Did that stop us from wantin' out? Heck, NO! That's prime critter huntin' weather!

First, Lexie begged mom to go out. She hadn't been out for a while, so mom took her out. Of course, I went, too. Lexie takes off at a run w/mom tryin' to catch up. I had already disappeared off to ...well, somewhere.

Mom caught up w/Lexie at Lexie's favorite orange tree. Lexie had her nose up in the air an' was runnin' circles around that tree. Mom was runnin' circles around that tree, too...until Lexie stopped w/her cone an' nose up in the air tryin' to pinpoint whatever she was smellin'. Mom put her lead back on an' walked her to the other side of the yard, tellin' her to "go potty". Lexie didn't want to...she wanted to hunt. Mom ordered her back in the house....I caught up to them on the trail by the pond...but as we got to the fork, I peeled off to the left to check out that side of the yard. Mom tapped Lexie on the shoulder, when she wanted to follow me an' pointed to the door off to the right. Bein' on a lead, Lexie didn't have much choice in the matter. When they got to the house, mom got out Lexie's lil' coat, took out the fleece linin'' told dad that from now on, if it was dark, Lexie had to wear it. It's got a giant reflective pattern that lites up like a beacon clear across the yard.

Later, Lexie conned dad into lettin' us out. He temporarily lost both of us. Lexie even had on her reflective coat...but she's got this insane ablility to evade capture. He zeroed in on us at the orange' by us, I'm including the big possum that had one of mom's oranges in his mouth an' was eluding capture. Lexie was yellin' an' circlin'.....I was yelllin & tryin' to remove branches an' climb up the tree....the possum was climbin'' dad was circlin' tryin' to grab Lexie.
Finally, that possum got high enough to jump to the mulberry tree still holdin' that orange an' scurryin' across branches towards the fence.

I was followin' under the tree an' yellin'. Lexie was,' that's when dad clipped her lead on an' dragged her towards the house. I stayed out there until I was certain that possum had escaped over the neighbors fence w/out his stolen goods. He dropped the orange when he jumped to the tree.
It was a grand chase, all in all. Lexie an' I loved it. We were really amped up.....we were throwin' lil' stuffed squirrels all over the room! An' about 15 minutes after bein' in the house, Lexie tried to get mom to let her out. She'd go to the backdoor an' paw at it, put her cone to it an' snuffle...then go to mom an' even tried puttin' her paw on mom to get to go out. I tried to help an' went to the back door an' gave out a didn't fall for it, lol. I think she's finally on to us.....maybe the grins an' waggin' tails gave us away.......(note to self....look more serious).

Thursday, February 1, 2018


Ok...I've seen a lot of people complainin' about their pups bitin'.  I might hear some gasps or some laughs..but it worked for me when I was a pup. 

Us pups just wanna have fun...just like when we were w/our' other furkids.....we're just not used to the fact that mom an' dad just don't have the fur or appreciate for our type of play. An' we tend to get a lil' rambunctious an' enthusiastic in our play. When we're w/our furmom an' littermates, "rudeness" or "too rough" gets an' immediate response...mostly from our furmom.

Now, all of a sudden we're left to figure it out what's too rough an' what's not acceptable all on our own. 
My new mom tried it all....the penny can worked for a lot of stuff...I didn't care for that at all, but she couldn't have it w/her all the time.

Finally, she resorted to what had worked for her in the past when she raised Malamutes. They're pack' follow a strict hierarchy... Mom was the ultimate break a biting habit, she did what was natural in their world...when they'd bite, she grabbed an ear an' bit it. (just the tip...that's all it took).

One night, I was jumpin' around all over the place havin' a good ol' time.....then jumped up an' grabbed mom's arm an' bit down. I was just playin'. You can just imagine my shock, when she said "NO!"...grabbed my ear an' bit it!!! I had to stop an' think about that! Then I remembered my furmom doin' the same thing. After that...when mom said, "NO".....I would stop. I sure didn't want her bitin' my ear again!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The End does Justify the Means....accordin' to me....

After gettin' cleaned up....(feet an' face)....actually, I went to the shower on my own....there's no way I was gonna be able to stand all that mud....all it took was mom sayin', "just look at your feet!"' off I went. It felt good to be reasonably clean, again.
It got colder durin' the nite, w/temps droppin' below 30.
I got to thinkin' about that critter hidin' under mom's woodpile in the back. The more I thought about it .....the more I felt I needed to take action. 2 am, I begged, I pleaded, I kinda go out. Finally, mom worried that since she had closed outside so early, that maybe I really needed to go out. I might have, but she'll never know.....she tricked me. She put a 20 foot lead on me, let me' put the end around the doorknob inside She was standin' there in her flannel jammies an' Lulu's big wool socks & sayin' that there was no way she was goin' out there retrievin' me. First of all....I'd never "do anythin'" that close to the house.....second, that defeated any chance of securin' the perimeter of the yard or checkin' that woodpile. I came back inside thinkin'' kinda defeated. Mom went back to bed.

5 am....after thinkin' about it....surely things would work out better...Mom was asleep an' didn't know anythin' about our aborted missing at 4 am w/dad. He let us out before he left for work, an' after not hearin' us for awhile, he came lookin' for us w/mom's lite. He found me supervisin' Lexie ( I wasn't gonna get my paws dirty!). She was workin' on my hole I had started last nite...we were determined to get that critter. He made us cease an' desist' go back in the house. So, I woke mom up again......Drats!!! She put that same ol' lead on me.....20 feet is nothin'!! Nothin', I tell you! After lookin' around in disgust....I came back inside. Mom went back to bed.

About 6:30am...daylite was here....I tried again....third time's a charm, right? Mom got' let us both out!...with a warnin' to "come right back". No coats, either! She stood at the backdoor an' watched us. She opened the door an' whistled at Lexie, when she saw that she had checked on Ginger, an' gone potty. Lil' miss suck up, came inside (she knows that she'll get a cookie for comin' inside)......then mom watched for me. I had taken off to the far' checked the fence line, the woodpile (that critter had already gotten up an gone) say me make it to dad's' then called me inside. I had missed my window of opportunity to catch any intruders. There was nothin' goin' on, an' it was a lil'' I felt the need for a, I came inside.

Me, Lexie an' mom allllll went back to her bed an' snuggled in the warm said she liked that part, but told me that she didn't think that the "end always justifies the means".....don't know what she's talkin' could all have been avoided if it wasn't for that 20 foot lead. I tell you, it's not easy runnin' AHS w/all the handicaps an' regulations mom sets forth. Good thing we've got great benefits.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

"She's so Sweet"....NOT!

Oh..."she's so "sweet" lookin'", everyone says.

I'm not puttin' that in my AHS log...nope. Don't think mom's gonna object, either.
Mom gave us a "last call" about 10pm, last nite. She wanted us to do our thing before that front came w/the rain.

We met her at the backdoor...she gave us that pointy finger "come right back" command. Even tapped Lexie on the nose an' had that finger right in front of her eye an' made her look at her, so she couldn't pretend she didn't know what mom was tellin' her. We grinned as usual, givin' her our "sure...of course, mom"' zoomed outside.

Mom finished puttin' stuff up in the kitchen, closin' down the house for the' about 15 very quiet minutes from us...she was at the backdoor callin' an' whistlin'.

It was cold,''s that silent part that really gets always makes her suspicious...not sure why. We know what we're doin'.

Mom grabbed her lite an' headed out around the pond to the lil' orange tree. She didn't even bother lookin' anywhere else. First she saw me on the right side of it, checkin' the ground. Then she swung that lite to the left....there was Lexie.

Mom told me to go to the house, an' then went to Lexie. As the got closer...she saw Lexie pick somethin' up off the ground. Mom tried to grab her as she took off trottin' towards the house. With a pretty pitiful, "NOOOOOO" desperately grabbed for Lexie's tail...but she slipped right outa mom's hand.
Mom took off after her, with me followin'. (I knew how this show was gonna end an' didn't want to miss it).
Mom walked into the house an' there was Lexie by dad's chair, just a grinnin' a waggin' her tail. Maybe it was a Christmas present....or maybe she was confirming that she came "right back".....just not alone.
Don't know...but when mom walked around the coffee table an' saw that big ol' possum layin' there w/those bared teeth....she wasn't thrilled.

She grabbed Lexie an' put her in her bedroom w/sleepin' dad. Then looked at that possum....was it playin' possum?...she didn't know..she wasn't gonna touch like they do on tv to find out....but it wasn't on a blanket or nothin'...just the rug. She wasn't gonna pick it up...couldn't "roll" into somethin'....what to do. An' she had to go back outside to get somethin' to put it in. I got on the couch to keep watch while she figured it out.

She hurried outside to get a bigger pot to put it in....then just grabbed a lil' log to use to push it into the pot. She didn't want to waste anytime lookin' for anythin'...'cause in case it was playin' possum...she didn't want it runnin' amuck in the livin' room..(guess she forgot that I wouldn't have let that happen....or the fact I wasn't concerned that would happen....duh)

Anyway, she came inside, quickly scooped it up....had me escort her to the back fence. Good thing she had left that thing to stand on, so she could dump it over the fence into the field...'cause she's short. This was a bigger pot, though an' she did have some concern she'd miss an' dump that possum on her head....not to mention the whole way out to the back, she was worried it would decide to climb outa that pot, if indeed it was playin' possum.

When she got back to the house, out came the pine sol an' she scrubbed the rug...then let Lexie...who was still grinnin' an' waggin' outa the bedroom. Lexie proceeded to double check the livin' room for her possum....but it didn't take her long to figure out mom had removed it.

After all washed up....then seein' us sittin' in our usuall spots w/ bright shinin' eyes an' grins, thinkin' we had done a great job protectin' her' we hadn't been gone very' it was way early.....she gave us each a hug an' our nite time' then turned out the lites an' went to bed.

The way I figure.....that's two' there's about a dozen or more in a should be more' have a possum removal kit she hadn't thought about this...or she wouldn't have fallen asleep so fast......after all....AHS is doin' their job.