Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nite Time Cravings

Ya ever just get a craving? It wakes you up & no matter what you just can't go back to sleep thinkin' of it?  Well...I tried...I really did, but the more I tried..the more I wanted it.  Finally, I just gave in...went to the door & gave a soft whine.  Nothin'.....gave another lil' louder whine...Mom asks me what's wrong.  Score!  I rush over to her, she pets me...then she rolls over. Hmmph.  This is not the result I wanted, so I stand up on the side & kinda pull her back over & giver her a big kiss....she pets me some more.  Wrong!  I go to the door & whine again...even louder.  She finally gets up all concerned ('cause I never whine), I run over so she sees me & then run to the door. She opens it & follows me in. She's still concerned & wants to check me over. I stand up on the sink & give her the "turn on the water, please...I'm thirsty".  She does, then is makin' all kinds of sarcastic & grumblin' remarks that she bets no one else is up at 3 am gettin' so their 'dale can get a fresh drink of water outa the sink. Then she goes to the kitchen, just to verify that there were still not one, but two bowls of water. (well, I knew that!...I didn't want it outa' bowl...that was the whole point). We both go back to our beds. Me...all happy &, not sure..she was still kinda grumbly. Don't know why she's's not like it's the first time....and she does it, too...sometimes.

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