Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Mom's on the warpath!  Critters have been ravaging her garden....usin' it like a open free for all buffet! Actually, more like a tastin' table...'cause they just chomp big bites, & then go on to another one....don't even eat the whole thing. 
We've been doin' our best, here at AHS...but sometimes our plans & mom's don't mesh. 

First...she thought she'd beef up our security w/this owl on a stick.  She let us check him out before she put him up there. Lexie promptly removed his head, but dad put it back on. I was surprised that he could move his head around all by himself...kinda cool..might work for those pesky birds. But he's not gonna be much help for anything else..especially in the dark.  Now, if he'd lite up, flap his wings & make lots of noise..that might work. 

If that wasn't enough....she put these lil' whirly things all over. Again...cute, but what if the wind's not blowin', or at nite?  Again...maybe just for the stupid birds.....(little does she know, but they're really too busy eatin' dad's grapes & figs to mess w/her garden). 

This was last nite's result!  Not our fault!  Mom set out her traps, owl, whirly thingabobs & then for some crazy idea...locked us up in the house, all nite.  I'm pretty sure that she's regretting the wisdom of that idea. 

Lot of good these things did. Her trap w/cheese & tomatoes...not even touched.  Why? Well they had a fresh smorgasbord out in the garden...much better ambiance. They could taste, chew & discuss which 'maters they liked better in a relaxing atmosphere...SANS DOGS!

  Ha ha ha....they took dad's cheese & didn't even get caught!  What a waste...we didn't even get a piece of that cheese.

Woo look at that. It must have been a mixed crowd, last nite.   A raccoon or oppossum helped themselves to a nice grapefruit. 
(Note to mom---wouldn't have happened it AHS had been on duty...just sayin'.)

When dad let us out this morning...we tried to get one of the critters....but it ran up that tree, across the roof & to the front yard....we do what we can.  All the damage had been done, anyway.  As much as we enjoyed the nite off, I bet mom doesn't lock us in tonite.  
Oh...and I've got another idea...let's put Lexie's bed out in the middle of the garden. She'll love that, & I bet nothin' gets any 'maters w/her on stake out. 


  1. A lot of damage is happening to your garden. We agree - ya gotta be outside to be effective, Bailey and Lexie!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

    1. You're absolutely right. I think she's learned her lesson & is giving us 24/7 access.

  2. Hi my name is Oskar! It looks like you guys need to be out to keep the critters away. Your people have a very nice garden.

    Nubbin wiggles,