Saturday, April 28, 2012


What the heck is this?  It don't look like somethin' that'd taste good, to me.  Mom's at it again. Dryin' stuff. Now, I have to admit she's made some mighty tasty stuff. The steak & roast jerky turned out awesome, too goon in fact. Her & dad munch on it, too.  Then she started gettin' creative...why? couldn't tell you, 'cause I'm perfectly satisfied with the beef jerky. But she branched out, chicken jerkey (yummy!), & then came the turkey jerky..that was ok.  Next, she decided to make turkey jerky & add carrots.  I thought it was ok, too...kinda sweet paired w/the maple bacon flavor..nice.  You'd think, that'd be enough, but nooooo...she went & made turkey jerky & put a whole apple in it. I think this may be Lexie's's kinda sweet.  I like it, but you just can't beat the beef. I'm just a simple steak kinda guy...who'd turn down a good steak for ground turkey, anyway? Back to what the heck is this? does smell interesting & tastes kinda good......but there's not much on this.... you're gonna suck all the juice outa it.....huh?

Mom showed her jar to dad & called it, "a jar of sunshine".   Don't know about that, but those lil' yellow crisps are sure good!  I like it much better than apples!  But once again...she makes this stuff than hoards it. Doles it out just a couple of pieces at a time, & keeps it locked up in things we can't open. Why, why, why..were we born w/out thumbs.....things sure would be different around here.

Sometimes havin' no thumbs doesn't stop some of us. Mom put that topper up high on the patio, to dry. (She says she's gonna plant it, & it'll grow another one of those strange things). Anyway, Lexie climbed up on a chair, then on the arm of the chair, had to balance against a planter & stand on her hind legs...but she got that topper & munched all the yellow off it.  I guess she's discovered a new favorite fruit.

So far, mom's experiments have all been winners....but I sure hope she notices that I'm gettin' low on my steak jerky!  Hint, hint, hint...


  1. The hoomans can be so stingy about sharing goodies, Bailey. I've had pineapple before and it's yummy!

    Love ya lots,

  2. Hi Bailey. I love your hat in the main picture. Your mum sounds very clever. I've seen that spiky thing you were sniffing at my house too. :)