Thursday, April 4, 2013

What lovely winter weather we're havin' this spring!

Hasn't been the bestest couple's s'posed to be spring...but I think it got lost somewhere, 'cause it's not here. First, we had big storms blow thru. We were lucky, 'cause just down the road a ways, they had giant chunks of ice bigger than any of our balls fall right from the sky. It broke windows, destroyed aluminum siding off houses, dented cars..just all kinds of damage. We got lots of rain. Mom's had us under lock down...well, as much as she can. This mornin', mom went outside w/her coffe, came right back inside shiverin', 'cause it's about 48 degrees, grey & wet.  We did get to go out last nite, 'cause it wasn't rainin', but it was kinda cold & wet.  Of course, 'cause we'd been inside all day....right off the bat, we caught a r'coon prowlin' around in the back corner.  We both hit high gear & were after it likety split. It hit the top of the fence, just as we hit that corner. I had to tell Lexie to back off.  Those things can be dangerous...& I don't let her get involved if it's somethin' dangerous.  She don't much like that, but I'm the one in charge, afterall. As soon as I tried to jump up at it & drag it's furry butt off that fence, it dropped down in the field on the other side. I was soooo mad, I really let it have it, at the top of my lungs. Lexie added her two cents in, too. Then mom came outside in her brite flourescent plasticey shoes (guess it was too wet for her slippers) & trusty lite.  I showed her where the point of entry was for that bandit. She shined her lite in the field & we all looked thru the fence. Naturally, she didn't see anything..but me & Lexie went down the fence line trackin' it's escape route to the backwoods, as best as we could from the "wrong" side of the fence. Mom was still tryin' to see somethin'. Finally, she gave up & said it was "all gone" & to "go to the house". Don't know who she was talkin' to out in the dark by herself, 'cause  we had already determined that & were in the house. In fact, I was gettin' a drink (all that hollerin' does make a body thirsty), & Lexie was up in bed w/dad...layin' on mom's pillow. Mom shooed her off her bed, turned off all the lites, put on her jammies & then got in bed. She was back outa bed in a flash. I didn't need to have a lite on to see her wasn't a happy one. She was tryin' to be quiet, 'cause dad was asleep...but she was usin' a towel to try to brush off some of the grit that somehow magically was all over her pillow & sheet.  This mornin', she still wasn't happy....sayin' she feels like she'd been to the beach, but didn't have any fun...just gritty. So, after a shower, all the beddin' in the was....some "looks" at Lexie , she's locked us outa her room & is hopin' for spring to get here as quick as possible. Lexie, in the meantime has already been out squirrelin', leaves lil' patches of grit everywhere she goes, is nappin' by the back door on mom's big chair with some weeds stuck to her,  & a patch of sand on the floor. She's all comfy 'cause she pulled back the blanket mom put on to cover it, & is oblivious to the whole thing and as happy as a clam.

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