Friday, April 5, 2013

Shhh...this is Lexie....I'm hijackin' Bailey's Blog.....

I just had to!  'Cause it was just so horrible...terrible....couldn't believe it even happened!  We was all at home, an' mommy had just given me & Bailey a bully stix. I was really enjoyin' it, especially since I had just traded w/Bailey  (his is always better).  Then my daddy came in the room & said he was goin' to the store. Ol' Bailey runs up & sits in front of him & points to his lead. I jumped up on the couch & sat on that box & wagged & wagged. Them my daddy got down Bailey's lead & put it on him. Mommy came & sat next to me on my box. I thought she was just gonna help put my lead on....but noooooooo. That's not what happened at all!  My daddy took Bailey out the front door......without me!

I ran to the door, but it was closed.  I ran to the kitchen window, & I could hear that truck door close. I ran back to the front door...surely my daddy was comin' back to get me. Then I heard the most horrible thing....daddy's truck started & then was leavin'. I was frantic...this couldn't be happenin'. I was makin' noises....I couldn't decide whether to bark or cry, as I ran from the kitchen back to the front door.

Mommy tried to talk to me...but I was too upset. She even tried to give me my bully stix...but I just couldn't enjoy it knowin' they was gone.  Now, I understand why Bailey never eats his treat when mommy & daddy leave us.  How can it even taste good, when you don't know what's happenin'...& you're home alone. I still just couldn't believe it.  I've only been alone without Bailey maybe 2 times. I was just beside myself!

Then mommy called me over to Bailey's futon. You know the one he get on & watches the neighborhood goin's on. She told me they were gonna be "right back" & to "watch for 'em'.  I liked that idea & climbed up there just like Bailey, only I wasn't watchin' the neighborhood. I was watchin' down the street to where my daddy's truck turned, so I'd know as soon as they turned the corner to come back!

Mommy....are you sure theys gonna be right back?

I don't see 'em............

It's been prob'ly 5minutes....Where are they?!

I'm still watchin'...but don't see 'em...... <sigh>

Mommy!....are you sure they's comin' right back....'cause I still don't see em....
Still watchin' & watin'...........

This is hard work....I've been here like forever...& theys still not comin' .....
Ok......this is better...I'll watch like this.... that them?, still not comin'....
I give up...............  

Yippeee!!!.....they came HOME!  I was on my box all ready for my daddy & Bailey!  I am sooooo happy!
I was so glad to see Bailey!  I ran right outside for a quick game of bitey face. (right after I hid his bully stix). 


  1. Dang, what a day! Did ya give him a good sniffin when he came back?

  2. Lexie, you did not take the opportunity to bond with your mom.... You could have milked it and gotten lots of treats while Bailey was gone. If I was you, that is what I would tell him happened anyway. Guess it was a guy trip, no girls allowed. Hmpf.

  3. Thanks for sharing that. We like your blog a lot.your pet are so cute.