Sunday, February 15, 2015

Mom did not wet her pants...... this thing on?....<clearin' my throat an' gettin' my prepared public statement ready that mom's makin' me do, I dunno why, it should be obvious....but she's givn' me that "just do it" loo.  So, here goes...>

To whom it may concern or interest, mom did NOT wet her pants.  I wiped my beard on 'em after gettin' a drink from her sink.  
Thank' I hope this claifies everythin'.

<gettin' down from thepodium..mutterin'?   I don't see what the big deal is.  It's not like I wear a shirt an' can wipe my beard off on my sleeve.  She was there an'...well, can I help it if her crotch is nose/beard level an' those pants show every single lil' damp spot?  They'll dry an' it was clean water.  Geez...she oughta' wear it proudly like a badge...kinda like a love sign.  :)

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