Saturday, June 27, 2015

No, we did not play Tug a War w/a Rat shoulda been here!  It was just awesome....a perfectly executed AHS job...just perfect.  An' surprise surprise, dad got to assist.  On top of that, he did a great job, too.  He an' mom were sittin' on the deck readin', when Lexie an' I noticed we had a breach.  There was somethin' under that cement thingee that the drain from the roof hangs over.
 Dad noticed that we both were givin' it some serious attention...snortin' an' sniffin' an' pawin' at it.  It's heavy, so that pawin' at it tryin' to move it wasn't workin'...we were startin' to proceed w/plan B...diggin'. So, at that point (w/mom encouragin' him), he got up an' decided to help us out  (mom says more than likely to keep us from doin' some excavation).  We got in position...Lexie at the top, me at the side, an' dad at the back.  Mom stayin' on the deck, 'cause she knew what was comin'.
Dad lifted the end of that thing....Lexie an' I both dartin' in there ...that rat tried to run b'tween us.  We both grabbed an' crunched at the same time.
 Now this is where mom started to get involved.  An' I can understand her concern.  She says it was like time slowed down.  She saw that both of us had that rat in our mouths at the same time.  Each of us had an end, an' all she could think of was us  (WARNIN'..YOU MAY WANT TO SKIPP THE NEXT LIL' PART) havin' a tug a war w/that' things gettin'' gross.  An' two other things...she wasn't cleanin' it up an' there weren't gonna be any kisses from us for a loooonnnnggg time.  Not to worry though.  There was that split second when we had grabbed it at the same time an' crunched it.  An' Lexie did want to take off w/it....but as soon as I realized that we had succeeded in what we needed to do...well, I let her have it.  (an' contrary to what dad says, it's not 'cause I realized I had the tail end, either)   Lexie just puts all varmits in  the possum category...she likes to keep an eye on 'em for a few minutes to make sure they don't get up an' try to escape. B'tween her an''s happened.  Anyway, after a few minutes of mom an' dad followin' her around...Lexie traded it for a lil'' dad got the honors of "takin' care of it".
Lexie an' I have been on a high all night...reenactin'  the whole thing w/pillows, stuffies, an' dad's shavin' wash cloth.  Mom keeps askin' us why we don't go play an' roughhouse outside were there's lots of room...well, the answer is simple....there's no audience out there....

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