Tuesday, July 7, 2015

For Adults Only...

This is so wrong on so many levels.  I think some of those chemicals got to mom's brain yesterday when she got her hair done.

First off, everytime mom has gone to the store..like forever...she's been makin' snarky comments on the cereals they have on the shelf.  Sayin' they are full of chemicals an' sugar...an' what are they thinkin' to put candy in a breakfast cereal for kids?  She's been sayin' they're crazy.   So, what does she do?  She comes home w/this.....cereal w/chocolate!  Her excuse(s).....she's "an adult...an' bein' able to make these choices is somethin' she promised herself when she was a kid".  Ok...an' then she said they should have an "adult only" section in the cereal aisle....she still don't think it's appropriate for lil' kids.  An' besides, it's "chocolate an' it just hypnotized her into takin' it home".   On top of everything else, she bought a second box for someone else, just so she had company in the "self indulgent/guilt room".

She's tried it, she likes it...an' says it's not really like eatin' a candy bar...it's not really sweet.   An' the chocolate is dark chocolate an' that's s'posed to be good for you.
Well, personally..that brings me to the second reason it's so wrong.  Part of my contract includes any an' all left over/extra cereal milk.  Now...'cause it's "chocolate"...I don't get any.
Mom...you need to be strong...stick to your convictions an' don't succumb to the corporate temptations.   Think about it....who do you really think is their target shopper?  Hmmmm?

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