Friday, September 18, 2015

CRASH...BANG....CLATTER... What's the matter?

CRASH...BANG....CLATTER... What's the matter?
 Lexie ran outa the kitchen like somethin' was after her, then turned right around an' went back in that kitchen barkin' like she was gettin' somethin'.   Mom an' I ran in to see what was goin' even got up outa bed to check out what all the noise was about.....
What'd we find?  Lexie still in a high alert, the kitchen floor covered in kibble an' broken crockery.  Now, that all the crashin' had quit, all that was left was examin' the evidence an' maybe doin' a lil' tastin'.   At that point, Lexie an' I were then shoooed outa the kitchen, while mom got the broom an' swept up all the kibble an' broken pieces of our "now former" food dishes.  
It's quite upsetting to see your food dish that you've had forever unceremoniously dumped in that trash bin....along w/your food. Lexie looked especially sad an' kept circlin' mom, the trash bin, an' the place where her food bowl used to be.
Mom gave her a hug an' told her it'd be ok, Then she got out a couple of her mixin' bowls an' said we could use them till she gets a chance to get us some new ones.  An' then gave us a couple of sausages.  (That makes everything alright in our book)
How did it happen?....well, Lexie's tags, that's how.  Our food bowls are on a stand an' somehow, her tags snagged that stand an' when she tried to get 'em loose, everythin' went topsy turvy an' those bowls hit that kitchen tile an' kinda exploded.  Lexie thought somethin' was after her.  Gotta give her credit, though, as soon as she figured out nothin' had ahold of her, she turned right back an' was gonna "get it".  
This isn't her first time to cause some kind of commotion w/ her tags in the kitchen.   Wish we had a video of the time when she was a pup an' was "prewashin'" the dishes in the dishwasher an' snagged her tags on the rack.  You shoulda seen her tearin' outa the kitchen w/that entire rack of dishes right behind her.   Silverware landed all over the place.  Now, that really made a loud clatter!
You'd think a loud disaster like this would scar us....make us avoid any situation where this may occur again.  Nope....Lexie still "prewashes"' there's no way anythin' s gonna make us avoid the kitchen or our food bowls.  Besides...there's always mom....can't tell you how many times she's dropped stuff in the kitchen  an' it sounded like a bomb.  Which is why we're probably not afraid of loud booms or

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