Saturday, September 12, 2015

Push Button at Your own Risk

He can't say he wasn't warned!...that salesman went ahead an' pushed that button anyways.   Don' know why he acted surprised when I appeared at the kitchen window an' hollared at him to back away from the front door.   Lexie was on the other side of the front door tellin' him the same thing.  Bozo (that blue an' gold chikin') was peepin' thru the window wavin' his wings in encouragement.   Mom was watchin' from the safety of the livin' rooman' an was lettin' us handle the situation)   (she don't like to talk to random salesmen.  She said if she did, she woulda' put one up that said, "press here to get someone that wants to buy what you're sellin'").
He got the message an' backed up even w/the kitchen' me.   I looked him in the eye an' gave him another warnin' just for good measure.  Then we all waited to see what he'd do.  Me at the front window, Lexie sniffin' at the front door, an' Bozo peekin' thru the front window. The salesman...just stood there lookin' at me an' then lookin' at the front door with hope against hope that some"body" was gonna open it.  (as if!)
That salesman stood there for a few minutes before he gave up an' started off on his way to somebody else's house.   As he walked down the sidewalk, Bozo waved his wings an' hollared, "Bye!".  The salesman stopped an' started to turn around an' come back.  I had to give him another, "don't even think about it...just keep on goin'" warnin'.  He got the message an' left.
Mom was impressed with how we handled the entire thing an' gave us all rewards. An' I'm glad she got us this new fangled piece of equipment for AHS,  it works really well.  Like I said, they press that button at their own risk.

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