Friday, April 22, 2016

Dad Trainin'

Well, I'm filin' this lil' tidbit in my memory bank for future use.
I was up in my tower an' ...OMD...what did i see? I let out a hollar an' Lexie heard what I was sayin' an' she pretty much answered in kind. Then I ran downstairs an' told dad. He looked at me an' said, "what?". Mom told him that he had to stand up an tell me, "show me". (this is all kinda new, since he's usually at work when stuff happens). He gave mom a "look", but did what she suggested.
As soon as he said it...I took off back upstairs. Dad told mom that it looked like he was bein' led to "the tower". Then off he went followin' me.

I showed him, alright......there was Ginger w/her brite green LED collar (actually all you could see was that green glowin' collar, lol) goin' on a walk w/her daddy...after dark, too! I just felt that was wrong...on so many levels. All kinds of stuff could happen.

Back down the stairs we went. Lexie had followed us up there, so she knew what was goin' on, too. We were both beside ourselves an' expected results from mom an'' immediately.
Mom an' dad were kinda tired...they'd been busy all day movin' furniture, shoppin' (mom), breakin' lamps (dad), rollin' up a thousand pound rug (that's what dad said)...just all kinds of stuff. But dad came down an' told mom the situation. Lexie an' I got on either side of her waitin' in anticipation an' excitement....for those words....
"looks like we're all goin' for a nite walk".

YES!! (I tell you....I have to brag a lil'...we've got 'em pretty well trained)

We left the house an' then dragged mom an' dad about half a block...before mom dug her heels in (literally) an' told us to slow down...that we weren't gonna be able to catch up to Ginger...that she was fine w/her glowin' collar an' daddy, an' to enjoy the cool nite air.

The rest of the walk was great....I managed to leave a p-note about every other bush...Lexie picked a few yards as well. There was one rude dog across one street that was doin' some trash talkin'' you wouldn't believe it, but Lexie ignored him. Me on the other paw...I had to tell him to "shut it".

Thinkin' back on this.....I may have to change my tactics on warnin' off dog walkers...this worked so well....I guess I just have to tell dad an' then get out an' track 'em in person.

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