Monday, May 9, 2016

Thru the Doggy Door finally happened!   Yep, the biggest fear of doggy doors everywhere.....all windows and doors locked, but an intruder comes inside thru the doggy door!

Lexie an' I had been instructed to guard the house while the folks an' our french aussie friends went off to have some kind of fun w/out us.  We're kinda used to that an' try our best to make 'em feel guilty enough to bring us back somethin'.  Meanwhile we enjoy the freedom of doin' whatever we want while they're gone.  Imagine our surprise when we hear somethin' messin' w/our doggy door.   Naturally, we both first look out the big door an' then go out there to confront the intruder.

He backed out an' we gave him a thorough goin' over, then we came back inside.   He was still out there, so we went out again to recheck him.  This time, he kinda pushed ahead of us an' crawled right thru our door into the house w/us right behind him.

We thought this was great fun, not sure why dad was doin' all this.  We've never seen him do it before, but it seemed to be great fun.  Seemed he locked himself outa the house an' didn't have the keys to the car either.   Mom thought he was just going around to the backdoor to get inside, 'cause she never locks the backdoor...but seems dad decided to lock up the house like a vault.  
Mom said she still wishes there had been a camera of dad an' us, it woulda' been a real classic!

Everyone was waitin' in the front yard when he finally came out w/the car keys, an' they all  laughed an' agreed that since he was security checked before bein' let into the house, we were still doin' a great job. (Well, is AHS Headquarters).  An' that they were sure that if it had been someone up to no good.....well, let's just say he wouldn't have made it very far thru our door.


  1. Haaa, good thing you two aren't Yorkie sized with a doggy door to match!

  2. Good thing your dad has kept his youthful figure. Trying to get through even an Airedale-sized dog door with a beer belly protruding could be awkward :)