Saturday, January 5, 2013

Barkin' & Donuts

Mom's a lil' quiet this morning. Probably for the best. Lexie, aka Pig pen, is out runnin' wild in the drizzlin' rain. She's even lured me out there w/her barkin'. I'm thinkin' she's got somethin' cornered...well, she has..kinda...a squirrel in a tree one house over. Disgusting..I hate gettin' rain on my head. This weather is really chargin' her up. She went on a barkin' spree startin' at about midnite & lastin' most of the nite. Mom tried fussin' at her..she just talked back & got worse. Then mom locked us in the bedroom w/her & dad...that didn't work. Mom even made Lexie get up in bed w/her, where she got her to lay down & calm down. That lasted for about 6 minutes. Then she was barkin' to get let out. ('s really loud in a closed up room in the middle of the nite). Sometime this mornin', mom even opened her doggie door & let her have the run of the backyard. (Mom's been keeping "outside" closed at nite, 'cause of the weather & the possibilty of that coyote comin' back). Lexie didn't stay out there, she was right back at barkin'. At what? wonder? Our 20 yr old resident cat, who lives upstairs. He was sittin' on the middle of the stairs..not doin' anythin', but watchin' Lexie. That started the barkin'. Then he got bored w/the whole thing & went back upstairs. That really set her off. She really started barkin' 'cause she couldn't see what he was up to...& wouldn't quit. Talk about a catch 22. He wasn't about to come back down w/her barkin' & she wasn't gonna stop barkin' till he came down. Have I mentioned that Lexie, bein' little & a girl, has the loudest deepest bark you've ever heard. Dad got up about 6, & we went out again. When I came back, I jumped up in bed w/mom. I didn't get much sleep either. Of course, I had to give mom a kiss & lay down by her. She didn't even seem to mind that I was a little "damp" from the rain. But come to think of it...she did mutter somethin' & roll over. We dozed for a little while, till Lexie started barkin' at the stairs, again. Seems Mouse (the cat) peeked around the corner & set Lexie off again. I think he's doin' it on purpose. Dad went & got donuts, & even got us a lil' bag of donut holes (which makes no sense to me..they're round balls of donut, there's no holes.). Mom got dressed & got her coffee. Then she saw that lil' bag...then she looked at Lexie. (Who was sittin' there w/a big grin, waggin' her tail, totally oblivious to the lack of sleep everyone has had...especially mom). Then mom put down her coffee, opened the cabinet, got out our kongs. Then she stuffed our donut holes in our kongs! Do you have any idea how hard it is to get fresh donut "balls" outa a kong w/your tongue? Lexie was just as happy as a squirrel in a barrel of nuts, & it kept her busy for a loooong time. After about 10 minutes, I went to mom & asked for a big donut. That was too much work, besides...I was the "good one"..remember?

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