Friday, January 11, 2013

First Bath of 2013...

Well, we got our first baths of 2013. Mom's hopin' it's not an indication of how the rest of the year is gonna go. First off, let me get this part outa the way. My eyebrows better grow back before Valentine's Day, or everyone is just gonna see pictures of me wearin' a paper sack over my head. Mom said we were just gettin' baths, but she just couldn't leave well enough alone & started messin' w/my face after I got blow dried. Before I knew what was happenin'...she put the scissors down & was smoothin' the hair where my eyebrows are supposed to be & makin' "they'll grow back" sounds. I sure hope I said..I'm lookin' for a big sack, just in case.

Lexie got her bath & blow dried, too. (Mom left her some eyebrows & she's the wiggly one...go figure).  I don't know if you're aware, but Lexie has this hair on her legs that is....well, I can't even discribe's just long & there's enough for 4 more dogs. After mom dried's like she blew up...she's so poofy. Kinda explains why she has to be soaped up twice.  Just imagine each one of those millions of hairs on her legs coated w/dirt....then that first wash..the water looks like chocolate.  Now, me...I'm hardly dirty..dirt just don't stick to me..of course I don't wallor in it either.

Lexie...poofed &

Mom wasn't gonna take any chances. She's been like a prison guard w/that back door.  Makin' us "ask' to go out...tellin' us to "come right back", rewardin' us w/ a treat when we did...bribin' us w/bully stix to keep us busy...indoors.   Actually, it was a pretty good plan.. It worked for hours & hours. Then right at dark, when mom was fixin' supper, Lexie came boltin' into the kitchen w/a big grin on her face. She  had come "right back" & was expectin' her reward of a cookie... 

What she didn't expect, was mom pointin' at her feet, then grabbin' her & handin' her over to dad & sendin' them both back to the showers to get her feet washed. 

We're both, now,  under lockdown. 

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