Monday, February 11, 2013

Baths n' Nails

It's been cold & drizzly allll day long. You'd think it'd be a perfect day to lay on the couch w/mom & snooze while she watches a movie or somethin'.  Nope!  First, she grabs Lexie & is givin' her a quickie haircut..sayin's she's lookin' too much like a woolie monkey.  Then she popped her into the shower. I was keepin' an eye on the situation, & as soon as Lexie zoomed outa there....I headed for the great outdoors. I figured it was too cold to be gettin' a bath. Dang had us locked thing I was standin' in front of me & pointin' to the back & tellin' me to "go get in the shower".  I went...but I sure didn't want to.  She got me all wet & then reached for my new shampoo...then moved the towels around...then closed the shower door w/me inside, tellin' me to wait. Well, what else was I gonna do?  So, I waited...while she went to track Lexie down.  She had snuck off w/my bottle of shampoo. Mom found it in the livingroom...guess it didn't taste as good as it smelled.  Mom came back &  I was still standin' soakin' wet in the shower stall...wonderin' "what the heck?".  Most people are gonna be surprised I stayed there...but know what?  It's really hard to get surprised by stuff around here...the unusual, is usually the norm. lol.
After our baths we got blow dried & brushed.. Mom had just finished us, when dad came home. Then we all loaded up & headed to Petsmart.  Lexie was goin' to see the vet about her eye. I've been keepin' an eye on it, too. But mom wanted some medicine for it.  We got there a lil' early, so mom decided we needed to get our nails cut. First Lexie was taken back. Then the "girls" decided to go ahead & do mine at the same time.  But guess came to check on us..& there I was..right behind the counter, standin' on the floor.  No lead or nothin'..holdin' my paws up & lettin' them just grind & file away..w/a big grin on my face.  Now, mom was mad at dad for not tellin' she coulda' gotten a picture. Neither one of them could believe it. Mom's been takin' me to Petsmart for my nails for a couple of years.  The last time her & dad did it (or tried to do it)..there was the three of us wrastlin' on my's a wonder there were no sprains,  pulled muscles, broken noses or black eyes...not to mention what might have happened to me. (I've never like my feet messed with). After that...she figures it's worth $10 for them to do it, little do they know she woulda' paid much more.  What can I say...I've always thought of Petsmart as a place that caters to vet's there, my school was fans are, I have a public image to I like those cute lil' girls. They always ooohhh & awww over me...what's not to like?

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