Friday, February 15, 2013


HS--Special Report
Sat. 2/15/2013

At approximately 3:30 in the afternoon (a hot & sunny afternoon), Lexie & I were securing the perimeter of the back yard, while mom & dad were workin'. Dad was puttin' up parts to the new grape arbor, & mom was messin' around in her gardens.  They'd been at it all day. (I have to tell you, keepin' track of everybody is hard work).  Anyway,  all of a sudden...I detected movement & noise on the other side of the fence by the field. I alerted Lexie to stop messin' around in the garden chasin' frogs & lizards & meet me at the fence, for a possible breach.
She was immediately zoomin' across the yard fast & low. We both got there just as two unknown subjects walked by our fence towards the woods carryin' shovels.  We gave 'em plenty of warnin' turn back. They proceeded to not only continue on & ignore us...but turned at the end of that fence, to our back fence..then fought their way thru the brush to the edge of the woods.  By this time...I'm just livid & roarin'.  Mom & dad come to see what's happenin'...Mom tells dad to ask them what they're up to back there & to go back where they came from.  He did...they continue on...& ignore him.  I had quietened down while dad was talkin'...but now I was back to roarin'...& Lexie was addin' her two cents.
A couple of things on mom's zero tolerance list is disrespect & punk kids.  (She managed hundreds & hundreds of 16-21 yrs, she's got this list).
Mom watched them walk down that lil' path..then take a right turn into the woods.....she walked into the house,  called the police...she told them about those guys goin' into the woods with shovels.  Like she said...they were either diggin' somethn' up or plantin' somethin' somewheres they had not business bein'.  The police agreed...& went back in the woods to investigate.
When the police came down our fence told us they were the good, we just kept an eye on 'em.
After awhile....the police came back outa the woods...they didn't catch the guys...but they found a lil' homemade shack & a bunch of marijuana growin'.  They said they'd be back to get rid of the plants & tear down that shack.
In closing...I'm proud to say that AHS can now add "drug bust" & "assisting local aw enforcement" to our files.
On a personal note to mom...I think a bonus is in order.
Bailey, CEO of AHS

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