Friday, July 10, 2015

Size doesn't really matter.....

Since dad's out back mowin, it's almost as bad as that suckin' machine mom uses in the house...I think they are' I pretty much hate them both.  I haven't tried takin' on that mower, but that sucker machine has some battle scars from me to think about.  It hasn't learned yet, though.  
Anyway, since me an' Lexie are coolin' off in the house till he's finished, I've been ponderin' on a few things.  There seems to be a breakdown on a couple of very simple' not just Airedale rules..but basic Terrier rules.
The first bein', that in multiple pup households, size don't matter.  I'm talkin' about treats. (you were thinkin' somethin' else, right?)  It's all in quantity an' fair play.   For instance,  you find yourself with a lil' tidbit an' just one of your furkids, an' you decide to "share".  Then the second one comes strollin' in.  You feel guilty an' "share" w/that one.  Well, the first one is still there.  You think there's a delimma, 'cause the first one is waitin' for another bit, an' that might seem unfair to you.  What do you do? can start a whole vicious circle till you run out of those tid bits w/the thoughts of "that one had 2, that one had 3, that's not fair that one..".well, you see where I'm goin' w/this.  The basic rule is, what you gave the one by itself that tidbit, doesn't count.   What counts is that if both of them are right there in front of you smilin', so you've got to give them EACH a treat.  It don't matter if the first one gets a lil' smaller piece, they won't care, but they both must get somethin'.  It's all in the since of fair play, an' that's what they expect an' count on.
Second....blame.   You can almost take this to the bank.  If you are gone an' then come back an' find somethin' amiss...say...exploded beds, trash can spillage, shredded..well, anythin', an' you find your pup(s) sleepin' peacefully or excited to see you.    If you didn't personally witness the perp in the act.....hey, it coulda' been cats or squirresl as far as I'm concerned.  An' you're just spinnin' your wheels an' your pup is wonderin' what they did wrong when you get upset w/'em.  "Cause it's a similar condition to that toggle switch we have that turns our ears off when we're "busy".  Left to our own devices, we sometimes succumb to a lack of impulse control an' find the need to vent.  Sometimes it's curiosity...boredom...or somethin' you've done to trigger it.  Once we get it outa our system...we're pretty much over an' done w/it an' have moved on.  Literally pushed the episode outa our minds.  So, when you bring up somethin' an' got your pants all bunched up...we really don't have a clue to what the heck you're talkin' about.  So, the next time you see that confused look....w/that "what are you ravin' about?" know why.  (Disclaimer...sometimes we know exactly why, but want you to figure out just what you've done to deserve it)

Glad I could help clear these things up.   Carry on........

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