Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Dodgin' the......

Wow...did I dodge a bullet.....well, needle.  Mom just noticed that I'm due for somekind of "anti frothin' at the mouth, burnin' up the brain goin' mad" vaccination.  She kinda forgot on purpose, 'cause she hates for us to get stuck.  But it's the law, so she don't have much choice.  Plus, we've got to be up to date to go to our resort this weekend.  So, she called my vet.  I noticed she was startin' to use "that voice"...ya know the one that is like yellin' but is kinda quiet, & every word is enunciated in a slow and deliberate way?  Then it desolved into her takin' names an' makin' notes. Lexie took her pillow outback to "look for squirrels".  I decided to follow her....big open spaces, just in case we got caught up in the fall out.  
It takes...2 minutes to give the vaccine, maybe 5 more for all the paperwork....I can have an appointment "where mom can be with me" (their words exactly on the 19th.  Or I can be dropped off at 7 am tomorrow to stay for who knows how long  (undetermined ...was their words).   This scenario is never gonna happen, they oughta' mark it on our records w/a big stamp "NOWAY/NOHOW".  Or I can go to another clinic that's associated w/them in a part of town that mom never sets foot in since she don't have a concealed handgun license (mom's words).
Armed w/her phone book....thinkin' she'd take me to a old vet friend who has his own private clinic (which she may still do...dependin' on her state of mind an' if she's able to cool down),she called our resort.   They know us an' told her that it was no problem.  Since I'm not a puppy, they understand how vaccines are still in our system an' not for mom to worry about it.  Oh, I'll still have to get it ...eventually, but at least it'll give mom time to work out her frustration before I do. At least I hope so, 'cause she can be scary when it involves us.    I'm pretty sure there's a rule that you should never upset people who are caregivers,  people who make/serve your food, or those that come at you w/pointy objects...especially if you're on the receivin' end.....

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