Sunday, August 30, 2015


I really don't know why dad is surprised by what we do.  It's not like we just got here yesterday.

We're airedales.  We don't need someone to tell us what to do all the time.  No micro managin' here...well, except for us managin' the folks, but they're mostly clueless about that.  Anyway,  I was goin' thru our toy box an' found my lucky blue tennis ball. It's my's super bouncy.  Lexie an' I were havin' a great game of ball in the house, while mom an' dad were watchin' tv.  Then the inevitable happened.  That ball rolled right under that big thing that the tv is on.  I tried to catch it.

 Then I tried to pull it out w/my paw...hopin' it was right there at the edge.  Then I looked under' it was way back against the wall.  There was no way I could get it.  I hollared at Lexie...she came an' looked...then she hollared at me to get it.  I hollared back at her that there was no way I could reach it.   We were both squated down looked under that thing, then  I told her we needed help.  She ran right over an' grabbed dad's arm an' was pullin' him outa his chair.  I was encouragin' her an' keepin' watch where my ball was, so dad would know where to look.

Dad had no choice but to come w/Lexie.  Then we were both tryin' to out talk each other tellin' him to get that ball.  I got down to look where it was, an' dad got down to look, too.  Then Lexie was tryin' to get in there to look.  Mom, for some reason, was laughin' too hard she was about to fall off the couch...somethin' about the floor show was better than anythin' on tv.

Then the real excitement happened.  Dad found another ball under there along w/my blue one.  When he brought those balls out from under there, Lexie an' I grabbed 'em so fast an' was gone, dad said it was like magic.  Then as he realized he was still sittin' on the floor an' we were gone,  He told mom that he though we'd be more grateful for his help.  She explained to him  not to take it personally, that we were just utilizin' our problem solvin' skills.  Sometimes we need extra "tools" thumbs or long arms.

(But to be honest about it....there's nobody we'd rather go to when we need help except mom or dad.)

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