Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday

Can you just imagine the thoughts goin' thru my head when I saw mom traipsin' across the street down to some stanger's house where there was a crowd?  They had stuff all over their driveway havin' somekind of sale, an' peoples were drivin' up an' parkin' all up an' down my street.  I sure as heck hadn't cleared any of' there was mom....all by herself ...goin' over there.  Oh...I hollar'd at her to come back here (sound familiar?),but she ignored me an' kept on traipsin'...Lexie even added her two cents from the front ignored her, too.

I was on high alert...standin' up on my big bed in my tower...strainin' to keep an eye on her....worried about how I was gonna save her if somebody did somethin'....whew...was I relieved when she started back towards the house.    I even had to hollar at her that I was gonna be right at the front door an' for her to not come straight home.   Just in case somebody tried to follow her, Lexie an' I both let out warnin' let 'em know that was our mom an' they better not try anythin'...   (Personally, I think Lexie was just mad, 'cause she thought mom went on a walk w/out her).

Anyway, mom made it back home safely, an' she was carryin' some kind of big iron deer candle holder thingee...she proudly exclaimed she had done her Black Friday shoppin'....she got that an' a big mirrored lighted curio cabinet for the grand total of $22.   I gave that candle holder a few sniff...still not sure if it was worth all the aggravation I went through.   She didn't bring the cabinet home...she planned on surprisin' dad about that when he got home so he could go get it.  "

Then feelin' good about her bargains...she did venture out to Petsmart an' got us new beds an' a bunch of treats all half price.  (We're not s'posed to know about the treat, 'cause we watched her hide 'em in the closet, lol)  She said there wasn't any crowd or traffic (& it wasn't at the crack of dawn), she's not sure that really qualified as Black Friday shopping.....the garage sale had a bigger crowd.   But she did say if it did qualify...then it was worth it..'cause it was for' since we've always got her back...even when she goes off on her own w/out our permission....she's willing to brave the maddenin' nutty crowds on Black Friday.

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