Sunday, November 29, 2015

Just doin' my Job, ma'm get her undies in a bunch over the lil'ist things. I was just doin' my job. Lexie an' I noticed that a wasp had gotten into the house last nite....we lost track of it when he hid in the ceiling fan. Well, I didn't forget about it this mornin', an' was keepin' an eye out for him to surface. Sure 'nuff....he came flyin' out in the livin' room. I followed him till he got within'' "BAM!!!" I smashed him against the big glass window on the backdoor w/my paw. Hit him hard enough that he fell to the floor, where I proceeded to carefully snap at him till he was no longer a danger to anyone. (I hate wasps an' bees).  

Anyway, I haven't seen mom move that fast in the mornin' in a long time. That window isn't even' I eliminated a serious threat in the house.......don't see what the big deal was. Maybe she was just outa coffee....after she picked up my flat wasp, she did fix herself another' gave me biscuit.

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