Saturday, May 28, 2016

Wet an' Wild.....

Wow, did we have rain yesterday. It was like a tropical storm, it rained so fact it flooded our street (never up near the house). But the backyard was like a swamp! Mom went out to close the greenhouse durin' a lull an' stepped off into the grass an' got water up to her ankles, an' the inside of the greenhouse had about 6 inches of standin' water in it. She wasn't concerned about that, figurin' the big pots would soak some of it up and the rest would soak into the ground.
It actually stopped rainin' late last nite. Mom put off lettin' us out for "last call" as long as she could, hopin, some of the standin' water would be gone. So, with her "come right back!" she let us out about 11:30pm.
Now, we had good intentions of comin' right back. We really' were on our way back to the house, when somethin' ran off into the bushes by the pond.
Decisions, decisions....not really, we kinda live for this sort of situation....think about's in our dna....somethin's in our yard, an' it runs from's like havin' a switch clicked...of course we have to give chase!
We chased it clear to the other side of the pond into that garden area. Me on one side an' Lexie...on the other side. Oh, we heard mom an' dad callin' us...but we were in chase an' catch mode, naturally turnin' that toggle switch off in our ears.
Finally dad came out w/mom's lite an' our leads an' his big rubber boots. Mom had her jammies on an' that part of the yard she knew still had standin' water an' she didn't want to wade in you can imagine..that wasn't a concern to us.
We saw' heard mom telllin' us to get in the house...that it was "gone". How she knew...I don't know...but w/dad trompin' over there in his boots an' w/her lite...yep, it was. Dang it.
We raced into the house, all excited like, to tell mom how much fun we had.
Mom didn't share our excitement. In fact, it didn't take her a second to grab Lexie's collar. Then lead her into the bathroom. To be honest, it wasn't Lexie's fault that the only thing tan on her was her head an' tail. There was a lot of standin' water out there, an' in the gardens it was like standin' mud. Dad thought she just needed to get her legs rinsed off...but that didn't do it. There was mom at midnite in the shower w/Lexie an' soapin' up Lexie's legs. Neither one of 'em looked happy. Then it was my turn, while dad started tryin' to dry Lexie off. Mom just shook her head at me in really couldn't even tell I had been out there, but I went to get my feet rinsed off, anyway. I could feel a lil' mud between my toes. I can't help it if I'm like just don't stick to me.
We both got toweled off an' even blow dried. We were feelin' really good by then. Mom an' dad not so much. They cleaned everythin' all up. Mom had to change her jammies. She had stayed inside, 'cause she didn't want to get wet an' muddy...but that didn't work out, lol.
Dad locked the doors an' turned off the back lites. Lexie followed him around an' was demandin' to go outside. Dad told her, NO!". (I knew better, mom had already declared, "outside was closed till further notice". Lexie wasn't happy w/, she went back into the bathroom where mom was changin' clothes, an' gave her a big complain'in bark. Then ran back to the back door. Mom came out an' asked dad what that was about...he told her that he had told Lexie she couldn't go back outside. She was just tryin' to see if it'd work w/ didn't. Mom went an' told her, "NO"' to go to bed...that's she'll be lucky to get to go out tomorrow.
Today's another day....the sun's shinin'...almost all the water has drained off or soaked into the ground. Lexie an' I have been out several times an' .....stayed clean, which mom appreciates. But we're s'posed to have more big rains, who knows....

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