Monday, June 6, 2016

Goin' to Bed

Personally, I think it's good for her. Makes her use muscles she don't normally' after all, agility is important.

Last nite an' the nite before weren't really that unusual. Same ol' same ol' let's us out for "last call", tellin' us to "come right back". We did.
Then she turns out the lites an' tells us , "it's time to go to bed". We do. We both followed her to her room. Lexie immediately lays down on my bed beside mom's bed. I follow mom to her bathroom for my nitely drink of water outa her sink, while she gets ready for bed. Then we have our nitely ritual race. She tries to change clothes before I finish w/my drink. You can actually see mom "scurry" in an' outa her clothes. For some reason, she objects to me dryin' my beard on her bareness an' the dancin' she does to try to avoid it. I think it's funny. (She never wins btw).

Anyway, after all that, she turns out the bathroom lite, an' she an' I go to bed....or start to. There's Lexie sprawled across my bed, literally. There's no room for me, an' there's no way mom can step over her. It's no biggee to me...I just lay down in front of it in the doorway. I can keep an' eye on the front door an' the front of the house better from there anyway.

Mom's stuck. Her choices are to try to step over Lexie an' run the risk of squishin' her, or trippin'. Climbin' over dad(who's sound asleep, 'cause he has to get up for work super early) or the end of the bed. She chooses climbin' into bed from the "foot of the bed" an' crawlin' up.

Now, her bed is super high, 'cause it's one of those that has that thingee that can raise it up. It's not one you wanna fall off me. Then there's the problem of the foot board that's even a lil' higher. After two nites, I think she's gettin' better at it. In fact, all she's said is that she's glad it done all in the dark. Her crawlin' across the bed, then havin' to scrunch up on her pillow so she can get the covers out from under her to get under them. Then move down, so she can stretch out....all w/out wakin' dad.

To be fair, we got our spots first. Her other option would be to move faster an' get in bed first. Heck, I think she's doin' a great job. But, She's even started to control the gigglin'...but that last "the things I do for you two", I thnk is unnecessary

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