Thursday, November 10, 2016

Left Home Alone...but with a chaperone....

Hey...I'm back...well, I never really left.  Mom & dad, did, though..they went on some big ol' boat & left us home & in charge of the house.  Then, like we couldn't handle everythin' on our M'shell came & stayed with us all week.  Now.....I love my M'shell....she's probably one of my most favorite people in the whole wide world.  So, that was ok in my she's got thumbs.

Lexie & I took care of stuff while she went to work.  I think everything worked out pretty well, although we did have some scheduling conflicts.  For some reason, she didn't appreciate us wantin' to do our regular 3:30am patrolin'.  We were even polite in remindin' barkin', no yellin'...I'd just go over & lay my head on the bed & stare her awake...then as soon as she had both eyes open & acknowledged me...I'd get up on the bed, give her a big kiss, then lead her to the back door.  This is where it got a little messed up...she thought we'd just go out & come right back, so, she waited on us & then closed our lil' door.  Little did she know just how long a thorough patrol takes.  There seemed to be a lot of grumblin' on her part about sleep deprivation.

Then there was the time that Lexie decided to go rogue & not "come right back" on one of our "last calls" one nite.  M'shell called & Lexie.  So, she locked her out. Me & M'shell went to bed.  (I always put her to bed & stayed there till she went to sleep..then I'd get down & go place myself in the center of the hall where I could guard everybody).  About 1am, I went & woke M'shell up & told her she had to let Lexie inside the house.  She got up & sure 'nuff, there was lil' Lexie right there on the other side of the door wantin' in.  Guess, Lexie learnt her lesson, she came every time M'shell called her after that.

M'shell's extra cookies, not much food sharin', no c'mputer access & she don't even drink sweet tea, so no ice......but we got lots & lots of cuddles...& our M'shell, all to ourselves for a whole week.  I think we made out like bandits. Wonder when mom & dad can go somewheres again.....

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