Wednesday, November 30, 2016


I don't know what's goin' on w/Lexie..but she's gettin' downright pushy.....kinda flexin' her furry lil' muscles. First, there was the incident w/dad last nite. She had my punkin, two of mom's pillows, her big fuzzy pillow, her tiger an' her kitty all outside. Dad was sittin' in his chair when she came runnin' in, all kind of excited. Usually, she makes a beeline for mom...but mom's not feelin' too good an' was on the couch. So, Lexie went to dad...gave him the nosepoke...(now, dad don't know how our AHS communication works)...he petted her an' thought that was it. Nope...she grabbed his arm..then his leg...pawed him...finally, mom told him that Lexie had a situation outside an' needed him to go w/her.
"Ok", he said as he got up from his chair...Lexie headed for her lil' door w/a backwards glance to make sure he was followin' her. Mom reminded him to tell Lexie "to show" him. 

Out they both went, w/me behind them to make sure everythin' was bein' done right. We followed her out towards the back fence.  Whatever it was, dad started pickin' up some of the stuff Lexie had taken out. Everytime he took somethin' in the house...Lexie immediately took it right back out. I think her stuffed tiger made about 6 trips in an' out, before dad gave up. She wanted 'em all out' there was no misunderstandin' of her intentions, either.

This mornin' went out an' got a lil' bucket of pecans an' picked some oranges, too. Lexie got on our lil' path there by the garden close to the' blocked mom. She wouldn't let mom go down that way, no how. Finally, mom asked her if she wanted her lil' bucket. Lexie jumped up to get it...then proceeded in the house w/it. She takes carryin' that lil' bucket very' nobody, not even mom is allowed to do it.

 I tell you, she's becomin' quiet insistent w/her damands on how she thinks things should be. I just hope she remember who is really in charge......

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