Monday, November 7, 2016

Transient Workers

Wow...I just may have to change my stance on workin' w/ outside contractors. Here I was just tryin' to help out some non- citizens of the area, refugees from the north that come down here to take advantage of the warm weather an' hospitality. Live an' let live was my motto. Figured that there was enough for need to be greedy. After all, I've got a pretty good set up, no need to take away from anyone else.

I had just stepped out on the patio w/mom, while she was on the phone. (She likes to be outside while on the phone...not sure why, but she does. She says it's more enjoyable). There we were, both of us standin' on the edge of the patio, lookin' out on the yard. All of a sudden, her eyes got big an' she pointed at the pecan trees. Before she even got her arm up...I had launched myself off that patio, landin' almost a third of the way across the yard.

Talk about a situation....there was a squirrel on the ground b'tween the pecan trees runnin' for his' not from me..yet....but from a transient hawk! Well, not on my turf is he gonna get a squirrel! If anyone is gettin' the squirrels in my yard, it's gonna be me or maybe Lexie. That hawk isn't even a local!! Obviously, he has no sense of common courtesy. There are rules an' boundaries. He has huge fields an' woods that have open huntin' .....that don't include my yard!!!

I cut in front of him just as he was about to grab that squirrel. At the last minute, he did a sharp turn an' flew off. The squirrel was last seen hidin' about 20 feet off the ground plastered flat on a pecan branch. The hawk was still flyin' off about a block away. I did a quick recon an' then trotted back to mom.

Lexie was pretty disgusted w/the whole thing...her first statement was why didn't I ignore that squirrel an' grab the hawk. She's pretty sure they taste just like chicken.

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