Sunday, November 23, 2014

"Booms" make Lexie push the limits

We had a big storm w/booms, rain' an' wind blow thru late last nite. Outside was closed before it hit.  Mom was tired of dryin' us off. We knew somethin' was comin', an' kept goin' in an' out in the drizzle.  Our excitement level was pretty high, an' mom was wonderin' if we had somehow gotten into the candy corn.  Although she wanted to just curl up on the couch, we wanted to run wild an' rampant.  At one point she thought she'd have to peel us off the ceilin' especially when the impendin' storm was bein' heralded by lots an' lots of booms. Now, I'd just as soon run wild in the house then go out in the rain.  It's more fun, we've got an audience, an' I don't get wet...not to mention that I understand what those "booms" are.  They just mean rain, wet an' mud.  Lexie's thoughts on the matter are different, they just push her buttons.  She's convinced someone is out there makin' those noises, an' she's determined to find out who.  So, she wasn't takin' "no" for an answer, much less the "outside is closed" answer.  Finally, at bedtime, mom turned out all the lites an' told us to go to bed.  We did. It was ok w/me...but Lexie couldn't sleep.  She was mullin' that "boomin" an' the "outside is closed" over an' over in her fuzzy lil' stubborn head.  I could almost see her set that jaw an' make up her mind to challenge mom's authority about closin' outside.  An' that's what she did, but she waited till about 1 am. I guess hopin' mom had forgotten, since she had been asleep. hadn't forgotten, she got up and told Lexie the same "no", "outside is closed" an' "go to bed".  Lexie gave her some argument, but went an' plopped down in dad's chair.  Mom went back to bed.  About 30 minutes later, just enough time for mom to drift off asleep,' for Lexie to mull it over some more....Lexie starts demanding loudly to go outside.  If she could stamp her feet, she would have...I tried to back her up (quietly)' was there at the back door w/her, just in case she got her way an' we got to go out.  It wasn't rainin', just wet outside.   Here comes mom...she didn't even turn on any lites...but I could tell she was lookin' at determined as Lexie was.  I stepped outa the way to watch the show.  Surprise!  Mom grabbed Lexie's collar an' lead her to her bedroom w/me followin' to see what was what.  Then she closed the bedroom door w/us in there w/her an' sleepin' dad, an' told us in no uncertain terms to "go to sleep".  Ok..I thought this was cool, so I laid down on my blanket by mom.  Lexie was sittin' by me...thinkin'.   About 3 minutes later, Lexie started complainin' about the door bein' closed. That resulted in a kinda loud quietlike "LEXIE, NO....GO TO SLEEP!" from mom.  I'm guessin' that Lexie decided that mom was serious an' not givin' up, so she jumped up in bed w/ try another tactic.  She's a wiggler..a big wiggler when she gets in bed w/mom.  Oh, she likes to cuddle an' be petted..but she just can't settle down.  She was rolllin' an' wigglin' an' makin' all kinds of lil' squeaks & grunts, even at one point was layin' on mom. Finally, she gave' jumped off the bed to go to sleep on the floor by the door (I'm guessin' to make sure she was the first one out when it got opened).  This mornin', it's a brite an' sunny mornin'...the squirrels are jumpin' from pecan tree to pecan tree. We've been out since about, both of us are nappin' comfortably in the in my tower...Lexie on dad's chair.  Mom's drinkin' coffee an' ...well, I'm thinkin' she's about to disturb our peaceful slumber...not sure why.........

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