Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Case of the Daisy Coat

Well, just let me tell you about mom's latest....she lost Lexie's daisy coat.  It got down to close to freezin' an' mom couldn't find it anywhere.

She finally put Lexie's other one on (the one w/flames).  Now, it's on her list to "fix", 'cause those lil' "sleeves" it has are just hard to get on an' even harder to get off Lexie.  Mom thinks if she just puts velcro stuff on them lil' arms an' wrap it'll work better.  So far, she's just been ignorin' it an' lettin' Lexie use her daisy coat that fits her perfect. A it was dark an' cold, an' that coat was nowhere to be found.  Mom was pretty sure she didn't throw it away in the mornin' trash....but it wasn't in the house.  So out she goes w/us w/her trusty lite an' bundled up to see if it somehow came off earlier in the day.  I don't know why she thought it was necessary to give us a warnin' about steppin' in somethin'.  She's the one that was on poop patrol earlier, & we have no control over them brown leaves...just sayin'.  We did our patrol of the yard while she traipsed all over the yard w/that lite.  She was successful in missin' any pitfalls an' "landmines",  successful in collectin' 3 pillows, a tiger, my fuzzy ball, an' Lexie's kitty, but unsuccessful in findin' that coat.  She came in the house an' told dad that it just has to be out there...but she couldn't find it an' that she'd look for it first thing in the mornin'.

So...mornin' comes, bein''s not cold anymore.  Mom goes out an'' finds the coat hangin' on the grapevine right where she put it when she took it off Lexie for the Christmas Pictures.  Not only that...there's no tellin' how many times she walked past it and didn't see it.  Does she take any responsibility for this?  No....she got the coat an' blamed me an' Lexie for drivin' her to this sort of behavior.  I beg to differ...we haven't gone for a ride lately much less gone drivin'....

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