Friday, November 21, 2014

Turkey Gravy

Well mom's been out shoppin'....she went w/dad an' got out food.  (I always like to gt that first bite when that bag is cracked open...that's the best.  In fact, I don't let dad pour it into our bin till I get it..right outa the bag).  She also came home w/some mattressy stuff...I think she's startin' to get serious about makin' me a new bed.  She came home w/somethin' the other day that said it was dog bed filler...but me an' Lexie didn't like was too a giant pillow, so she took that back.  Then after lunch, dispite the dark skies an' rain...she was off to the grocery store...not her favorite place.  She always ends up gettin' more then she went in for.  She even tries to not even get a buggy hopin' that curtails it some.  An' then there's the forgettin' somethin' (today it was the p'nut butter..we're out),  You might think a list would be would..if she'd remember to have it w/her.  On top of all that, she really wants a button on that pay thing to say "no, the amount due isn't alright, but I'll pay it anyway"' more often then not, somethin' happens.  Today, was no exception.  There's always a wait in line, mom's pretty much resigned herself to that fact, it gives her time to catch up on them trashy magazines, lol.   There was one line w/only two people in it, so she headed that way.  The man in front of her made a big deal of gettin' out of line because the woman checkin' out was taking too long gettin' her stuff outa her basket.  Now, mom had issues w/this...first was the fact his wife was made to walk behind him, an' he was rude bossin' her to follow him to another checker, second...the fact he only had a few things an' could have helped the elderly lady get her things out of that basket. Mom got up there an' helped finish unloading that basket, an' the lil' old lady was appreciative. It made mom feel good that the bag boy offered to help her take it out to her car. Then it was mom's turn to check out.  Another young man came an' bagged up mom's groceries, an' mom was on her way home.  Me an" Lexie like to oversee any an' all new bags of grocery....just in case there's somethin' new.  Mom unloaded all of 'em, then started puttin' 'em up.  That's when she discovered she had some extra items....two packages of turkey gravy mix, and a  pound of margarine!  That made her feel really bad....'cause she remembered that before that man moved outa line, that lil' ol' lady had a pie, an' was askin' the price.  Whatever the price was, it was more then she wanted to pay an' she put it back.  Obviously, the things she was buying were for her Thanksgivin' dinner....probably for family that she was expectin' to come visit.  Now....she's home an' has discovered that she paid for gravy an' margarine...but didn't have it.  Mom's got it, didn't pay for it, doesn't need' has no idea who that lil' lady was, on top of all's dark an' rainin', now.   She put it up, but it made her feel sad.  To perk her up, Lexie an' I decided to finish unloadin' the rest of the groceries.......for some reason' she was laughin' at us, just 'cause we were havin' a bit of trouble w/that big frozen turkey in the entryway, it was spinnin' an' slidin'....I swat it one' Lexie'd swat it the other...we weren't gettin' anywhere w/it, but it sure was fun...until mom rescued it.  She gave us each a bully stick as ransome' for makin' her smile.  No problem, mom....that's what we're here for.

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