Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sometimes it's the Ride

Mom an' dad were gone most of the afternoon..shoppin' an' who knows what.  As soon as they got home, mom jumped outa the Hummer an' hopped across the driveway to the lil' sidewalk we got by our front door.  I had been up in my tower watchin' for 'em to come home, an' started to race to the front door when I just had to stop an' watch mom stand on one foot (did I forget to mention it's cold outside?), an' turn on the faucet an' wash the bottom of her shoe.  It did look strange, it's s'posed to be black, but it was splotched w/brite turquoise now.  Seems she was lookin' at somethin' an' walked right smack into a big pile of paint in front of the  hardware store. Then she had to hop to the Hummer on one shoed foot an one bare foot, holdin' that splotchy shoe.  (She hates bare feet in public places.."ewww"). Well, she tried to get it off, but it had now, she's got a artsy shoe bottom.  Then she got the' wasn't happy.  That ol' postoffice sent back one of her lil' packages she mailed last week, sayin' it needed more postage.  Grrrr...I could just hear her.  She was mad..again...she took 'em to the post office in the first' put on all the stamps they told her, they want more.  Well!  She came in the house..went an' put on another pair of shoes....grabbed the'..then she said, "c'mon, Bailey, we're goin' to the Post Office"!  Wow..just me an' mom..I was ready, an' at the front door waitin' for my lead.  She put on my lead, opened the door an' we went out....but then...somethin' flashed right by us....Lexie!.  Lexie w/no lead Lexie. Me an' mom were frozen in shock as Lexie bebobbed across the lawn...w/no lead.  Mom yelled at her..then calmly called her as we raced toward her.  Mom opened the hummer door an' told Lexie we were goin' for a ride an' to get in the truck. Lexie was across the street by then.  Mom told me to get in an' then took off my lead an' shut the door.  Then she headed toward the street, just as a car was comin' around the' Lexie was startin' to cross back.  Mom told her to "' what do we do? Lexie..sit!"  (that's what we do whenever we have to cross the street).  Mom kinda stepped out in the street to slow the car surprise...Lexie had sat an' was just sittin' there across the street as that car passed on by.  Then mom called her again' an' told her we were goin' for a ride. Lexie started across the street right to mom.  Mom turned back to the hummer to open the door for Lexie, only to see me lookin' over the back seat watchin' all the action thru the wide open back door. (Dad had fogotten the mom's bags of soil in the back an' had left it open).  Mom says at that moment she figured that if she hadn't had a heart attack thru all this...she's good for anythin'.  Her life didn't flash before her eyes, but ours did...Lexie runnin' the streets an' then I coulda been on the loose, too.  But none of that happened, an' mom had both of us loaded in the Hummer, an' we got to escort her to the post office to remail that lil' package.  When she got there, she realized that gettin' upset about that package an' the post office wasn't really important.  What was important, was the three of us enjoyin' the ride!

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