Sunday, March 6, 2016

"No Harm/no foul"....maybe

You wanted to talk to me about somethin'?

Yeah.....I see's your lil' Owl table.......

It does look a lil' different......

....well, I blame that on Bozo. The mess on the floor? His fault, too. If he wasn't so messy, when I pulled his tray out onto the floor to do a lil' investigation under an' behind his cage all that wouldn't be all over the place. We had a time gettin' it outa our way.  

It was an official AHS operation. Lexie an' I were sure that a lil' mouse had come from the garage, thru your lil' laundry room an' was muchin' on seeds behind that cage..see, it's all Bozo's fault. If he wouldn't throw stuff all over the place, there wouldn't be any seeds for mouses to munch on.
You're back to that lil' table, huh? Bozo's fault! Remember Lexie an' I were w/you when you discovered it all. Just as you started to put his tray back, he jumped to the front of the cage an' know the rest. I hit the stairs, Lexie scrabbled for the livin' room....Bozo an' Fred were flappin' an' squawkin' as that big cage fell right over almost on top of all of' it knocked Fred's cage off it's stand an' it hit the floor, too. Whew! It was loud, excitin' (not in a good way)' if you'll remember...Lexie an' I weren't there, just you, Bozo an' Fred...a lot more mess, water in the' Bozo's cage was layin' on top of your lil' table. Bozo's fault.

An'...remember you were plannin' on cleanin' their cages tomorrow,, we helped w/gettin' you started early. An' got to mop the floor, too. So, that had to be a abonus, an' now, you don't have to do it tomorrow. Besides...maybe dad can fix your lil' table an' then there'd be "no harm/no foul"' Bozo'd be off the hook....I'm sure you agree. AHS cannot be held accountable....we were just doin' our job. The rest was just a series of unfortunate events.
In the meantime...I'll be in my tower.

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