Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Carpe diem!

Seize the day, is my motto.  No sense not to begin the day by takin' action.   Dad got up about his usual time of 5:30am, an' let me an' Lexie out.  Then he opened Lexie's lil' doggy door, we were free to come in or not.

About 7:30, I discovered dad snoozin' away back in that big bed.  Well....that just wasn't right in my book, so I let him now about it.  First, I gave him a lil' wakeup nose poke on the face.  He ignored me an' tried to cover up his face an' snuggle down in his covers.  Hmmm....I gave him a lil' woof...ignored..then a louder one....still ignored.  Ok....I had to resort to more stern measures.  I had to give him another the face...w/my paw.  Yep...a paw smack works everytime!

Dad got up, an' then went to check to make sure that lil' door of Lexie's was in fact open.  It was.  Then he came back to his room to climb back in bed. room.  Mom was sleepin' on her side.  An' I was sprawled out on his side.

I lifted my head off his pillow an' gave him a look.  He just needed to go to work or somethin'...'cause this was my time to get a lil' snooze w/mom.  It's not my fault he changed his days's not like i have a calendar in my pocket.  I like stability....I have my routines.   Dad's just gonna have to adapt, that's all there is to it.  I wasn't movin'!

He got the message an' decided to just stay up, lol.

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  1. Poor Dad. No days off for you (at least to sleep in with Mom). BOL