Monday, March 14, 2016

AHS, not just all alarms.....

Lots of people have the idea that security services are all reactionary.  Respondin' to "alarm" type situations.  That's not necessarily true.  Here at AHS headquarters, we do that an' more.

For instance, this mornin'...I was up in my tower watchin' the neighborhood, while mom was movin' (confiscatin') that big tub of pecans off the stairs. She's tired of Lexie stealin' 'em an' leavin' shells all over my bed (they are a bit uncomfortable to lay on) an' the livin' room.   Anyway, I saw somthin' across the street that just wasn't right, an' yelled out an' alarm.

It didn't really help....I had to do it again.  Then I went an' gave mom a bark then went an' jumped back up on my bedcentral, an' let out another alarm.  Mom got the message an' went to see what was goin' on.   She looked across the street where I was lookin'' saw that the neighbor's lil' yorky was on their front porch.  There wasn't any sign of the neighbors, an' that lil' yorky is never out alone.  Not only that, but that lil' pup was yellin' at her front door, spinnin' an' tryin' to get someone to let her in the house.  (She's not built for knockin' or bangin' on doors like us airedales' that lil' bark of hers...well, let's just say it don't penetrate like ours do, either).

Mom watched for a minute, then asked me if she should go take care of it.  I gave her a nosepoke an' went back to watchin'.  I knew mom got the message an' waited.

Sure 'nuff,  I spied mom goin' out across the front yard an' then across the street.  That lil' yorky was torn b'tween wantin' to stay by her front door an' tryin' to hid from mom.  (Smart pup, she don't just go up to strangers).   Mom rang the doorbell an' told them their lil' yorky was loose an' had been tryin' to get back in the house.  They thanked her an' went outside, an' their lil' yorky raced to them from out from under their trucks.

After watchin' to make sure all was well, the yorky back in her house an' mom back across to our house, I raced downstairs an' greeted mom at the front door for a job well done.   Mom said I had really done a good job an' me an' Lexie got a bonus bacon strip.  '

So, you is more then just protection an' warnin' off the bad's also helpin' when you see somethin' that just isn't right an' doin' somethin' about it before somethin' bad happens.  Bein' proactive is just as important as bein' reactive.

Bailey, CEO of AHS

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