Friday, March 11, 2016

Rainy Nite Meetin'....

Well...Lexie an' I slept in this mornin'. We didn't even go in an' wake mom at our usual time. When she got up, she spied Lexie sprawled up next to dad an' just snoozin' away. Then she rounded the big chair to find me sound asleep (or pretendin' to be) on my bed by the c'mputer. Then w/a "humphhh"...she went to make her first of several cups of coffee.

Dad waited until she had her coffee in hand an' came back into the livin' room to ask what was up? He said that he noticed that Lexie an' I seemed to be a lil' sleepy this mornin'. Mom gave another, "humphh", took another big slurp of her coffee an' gave Lexie a "look".

About that time, Lexie decided to go patrol outback an' I took the hint an' went outside, too. Then mom proceeded to tell dad about "our nite".

It had been rainin' all day an' had finally let up at nitetime to the occassional lightin' (no booms) an' scattered showers. After about the third time we insisted on goin' outside, mom called a meetin' was only about 1 am. We thought it was about somethin' good.

She wasn't smilin'......Lexie hadn't realized she wasn't holdin' any cookies, either., we didn't come inside "right away" like she said to. An' she didn't come outside w/her big lite like we wanted her to. Just 'cause it had started rainin' again. An' yes, I was out in the rain w/Lexie. We were on the trail of somethin' by the pond an' we couldn't stop till we evicted it from our yard. (At AHS, we have a code, ya know). Mom wasn't impressed.

Mom proceeded to inform us that "outside was closed!!" That I was banned from my tower for the nite. All lites inside an' out were' we were both on "her list". (Not sure what that meant...Lexie was hopin' it was the cookie list) An' she wasn't happy w/ the "condition we were in". (It's not our fault that the backyard looks like a swamp......three days of constant rain...hello!), maybe we were both a lil' wet (from the rain), muddy (from the rains), an' had sticky weeds stuck to us (mostly Lexie, it's like she's velcro for that stuff)

In any case, , it's not rainin', mom's back to bein' normal, & Lexie an' I caught up on our rest. Already, I got to warn off them thievin' trash' mom even let me back in my tower. Lexie warned off a squirrel in dad's pecan tree an' one outa mom's lil' orange tree. We're not even layin' low or nothin'.....we've trained mom that everyday is like a blank page in a book..... an' who knows what's gonna be happenin' next.

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