Friday, December 2, 2016

Lost in the Fog

Last nite was one of them still an' foggy nites. Not much movin' around...downright spooky accordin' to mom. Naturally, one of us (me or Lexie) would be, as mom says...."outa pocket" at bedtime.
I was sleepin' on the couch, when mom started turnin' off everythin' an' puttin' stuff up for the nite. The last thing was to close Lexie's lil' doggy' tell her to come inside. The nites have been cool an' Lexie loves to lay outside till the very last minute.
Mom called Lexie, as she usually does, but Lexie didn't come runnin'. Then me an' mom heard her warnin' somethin' off by the far fence. There's been a rash of possums, stray cats an' coyotes movin' about in the neighborhood w/the cool nites. So, mom grabbed her big lite an' the both of us took off towards Lexie. Of course I ran ahead to provide backup an' gave off a warnin' to whatever it was.
Mom got about halfway there, when Lexie ran up to her all excited that she was out there, too. Needless to say, mom wasn't nearly as excited. There she was standin' out in the middle of the yard w/a lite that did no good. As she tried to shine it off towards the fence...or anywhere for that just bounced off the fog, like a wall just a few feet in front of her. The only good it did was for her to see her feet.
"Enough of this" declared, an' told us all to got to the house. Lexie ran ahead an' beat mom inside. Then mom turned around an' called me. I didn't, she called me again. I still didn't come. She resorted to announcin' that she was lockin' me out. Then she closed the big door, turned off the outside lites....turned around........
..there was me an' Lexie standin' behind her in the house w/grins on our faces. I had beat 'em both in the's so much fun, lol

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