Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Big Brother & Fried Okra

ya know by now, what a drama queen Lexie is. I was watchin't the neighborhood, from my front window...nice & quiet...mindin' my own business. Mom & dad were watchin' tv, they'd just finsihed supper. All of a sudden...Lexie starts soundin' off from the kitchen. Then she comes runnin' into my space, 'causing a racket & runs back to the kitchen. I'm thinkin'..."what the !?"  I didn't see anythin'...but just in case I go see what's goin' on. She stops in the doorway to the kitchen & starts makin' all kinds of alarmin' sounds...well...I just talk right back at her. Then she does that bowin' & jumpin' & yappin'...I'm talkin' right back..like.."Lexie, what do you want?".  She goes to the counter & then back to me....
"oh...now I get it"...there's a plate up there & she wants me to get it.
Uh uh..no way...this is your deal, Lexie..& I tell her so.
She's really in a hi frustrated state, now. She thought I'd get it for her...did I mention not only are we in direct line of sight of mom & dad, but so is that plate of fried okra.
She's back talkin', pleadin', demandin'...I'm still not gonna do it. I sit right down & tell her so. I figure, that there only three possible results here. Either she figures out how to steal some or all of it, mom or dad gives in, or she'll give up. All scenerios work for me. I didn't have any before, so if I don't get any, it's all good. Since, I'm just sitting here, I'm innocent of any theivery, if they give her some...I'll get some..So, I'm good, right here...I tell her so. 
Lexie races to dad & bounces off him & then back to the kitchen. He actually follows her. She's jumpin' up on him, spinnin' around, makin' all kinds of racket. (I'm still just sittin' there watchin' the action'). Mom tells dad to tell her, "show me". He does. Lexie grabs his hand, lets go, then jumps up on the counter, where that plate is. Then she sits right in front of it. (Lol..I've taught her well).  He laughs & gives her a couple of pieces...and then..wait for it...he comes over & gives me some, too.  See...the moral of this story?  It's always good to have an assistant...reap the fruit of their labor w/out any of the risk. I love bein' Big Brother. 

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