Thursday, July 26, 2012

A New Threat in the House

Lexie's following procedure. There is an immediate threat in the house. She grabbed, what she considered valuable, mom's pillow & is taking it to safety. I'm containin' the threat.....

I'm runnin' interference..."Lexie...I've got this!". I just can't believe mom would bring this in our house. That other one, finally died...& now, here's another one! Believe you me...he knows just who's boss around here.. (I could kill it, if I wanted...& if mom wasn't protecting it.).

Oh, it's a lil' quieter, than that other one...but it don't fool me. I've seen what these noisy, rollin' suckin' up machines can do. You cannot trust 'em & don't turn your back on 'em either. Be prepared, like Lexie, to grab your valuables & head for the hills if it starts after you...GGGRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!


  1. Don't worry, I will send my brofur (Cecil the cat) for your backup!! He may be small butt he will take on any suckin' up machine!!! You can herd that machine into the bedroom where Cecil can hide under the bed....if that thing gets too close..he will Box it right on the nose!! Cecil boxes our machine each time it wanders around our house!
    Let me know if you want him, I will put him in a box and stick it in the mail!! GLADLY!!
    your furiend,

    1. Thank you so much for your kind offer, but after doin' some thinkin' on which would be the worser evil...I may have to just stick w/the problem on hand. Besides, I sure wouldn't want to deprive you of such a valuable asset. :)