Monday, July 9, 2012

Just Don't go out In the Rain....

Mom didn't make it back from the store, before the storm hit. While she was gone, Lexie was out huntin' "that man that makes the boomin' sound". She just won't give up on that. It was pourin' down rain so hard, you could hardly see...and there she was, standin' half in & half out of her doggy door, usin' it like a flat umbrella. As soon as she heard a loud clap of thunder, she tries to sneak across the patio (remember it's pourin"), lookin' this way & that toward the back...probably the fig tree. (I really don't know, I've got enough sense to stay in outa the rain.) In the meantime, mom is still outa pocket, & dad comes home, wonderin' where everyone is. Lexie heard dad's truck, so she comes in lookin' like a big curly red & black soaked rat. It's still pourin' rain. The street is starting to flood...& here comes mom. Dad wades out w/an umbrella. Mom is tryin' to get her bags of groceries outa the car, & dad helps. When she came in, she matched Lexie in the drowned rat look. Her hair was so wet, it was drippin' all over her face, & her clothes were stuck to her.  She was leavin' puddles on the floor....(not us for a change).  Lexie & I were so worried...we never see her in this condition. She went straight to her bathroom to change clothes. I followed her right in there, &  stood up on the edge of the bathtub & made her let me check her out all over...even if she was drippin'. She was ok...but her new box of crackers fell apart. She wasn't happy about that. That's ok, we were glad to help clean them up. Now, what have we learned here? When it's rainin'...stay inside & stay dry. If you're gonna go out, don't take crackers in a paper box. An' Lexie, someone needs to explain the truth about the fact that there is no "boomin' man"...give it up & stay inside (& stop comin' in all wet & layin' on my bed.)

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