Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Nose!

Mom....I'm turnin' in an official accident report. Well, more like a workman's comp report. didn't happen here. Actually, it happened on our walk yesterday. I think that should still count. Remember when we were walkin' by that nutcase dog that lives on the corner? He & his yard buddy charged the fence & tried to get Lexie? I made her get out of the way & was gonna take care of him? We were havin' a slight altercation at that hole he made in his fence, before you made me "leave it" & just sit & think about it for a minute. Then we moved on. 
Wellllll....just look at my nose! It's drivin' me tongue has been goin' non stop lickin' it, now look at it! I've got a pink scratch, right down the right side of it. 
Oh..I know the first think you're gonna say, "I told you so! & to leave those rude dogs alone & stay away from holes in fences"..I know, I know, I know...but still...sometimes, you gotta understand...airedales don't back down from nothin'. He started it! I wanna file a complaint or somethin' the meantime..can I borrow your black marker?

1 comment:

  1. Bailey-

    Me and Stanzie could use a black marker to cover up all our 'boo boos' too! Maybe we should buy an Airedale sized package of black markers...just in case.