Monday, July 23, 2012

Chews & ill gotten goods

First mom gave us some smoked venison bones, we got at the dog show. They were really good...but next thing we knew, she was pickin' up all the pieces & even takin' 'em out our mouths. Mom didn't like all the pieces, she said they looked too sharp. (She sent them a nasty email about 'em, too!). Then she gave us one of those Pig skin sticks. They crumble up, & I guess they are on the "mom's approved list". Well, that's just fine & dandy...but I don't like 'em. Lexie can crunch 'em up in not time at all. So, Lexie got one, & mom went back to "the closet" & gave me one of those big white rawhide chews (again 'mom approved"). We were pretty well, satisfied...for now. That lasted about 5 minutes. Me w/my rawhide & Lexie w/her chew, but now, Lexie don't have her chew anymore. She's done chewed it up! She wants my rawhide. Nope, not gonna happen. To keep her quiet, mom gives her a carrot. Lexie takes it & alls quiet, again. Then mom starts cookin'...both her & dad are in the kitchen. I get up, just to see what's going on. Lexie is layin' down on the other side of the kitchen munchin' on her carrot. Mom opens the fridge, gets somethin' out, closes the fridge & starts laughin'. Just that fast, & in the exact same if she hadn't Lexie w/my rawhide (that was on the other side of the room). It's like magic. I was not happy. I left that on my bed! Mom decides that's just not really fair, so she goes back in "the closet" & get me one of the special bacon Christmas chews. You shoulda seen Lexie. Now, she wants me to old white rawhide, that she stole, for my new special one. Nope, not gonna happen! I even laid down close to her, so she could watch me chew on it. She hopped around, barkin', & even threw that rawhide at me...tryin' to get me to trade. Then she picked it up, went to dad, showed it to him & then went back to to say that was mine & she should get the new one. Nope! He didn't fall for it...she wanted it, stole it...& now she's stuck w/it!

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