Wednesday, October 15, 2014

AHS....On the' Collateral Damage...

Collateral damage, mom...collateral damage.  You know as well as I do that even the government puts out warnin's about suspicious strangers leavin' packages unattended in important places.  What can be more suspicious then someone runnin' up to our porch, unannounced, leavin' somethin'...then runnin' off? Huh?  If they weren't up to no good...they'd walk up our walk to the front door like normal people.  I don't care if they were wearin' a could be a disguise.  I don't know ' don't know ', you should be glad to know, that because of my vigilance, they have never been successful at invading our home, an' everybody is still safe.  Once again, they ran off like the cowards they are.

Oh....that was a package that dad ordered...well,'s a good thing I, at least, still follow AHS protocals.  It mighta been an impersonator, you just can't be too careful, just 'cause he had the truck, uniform, an' dad's package...that just don't mean anythin'.....  What kind of "normal" person (stranger) runs up to people's doors an' then runs off in broad daylite like they don't want to be seen?  People up to no good, that's who.  Besides, you've been talkin' about takin' those blinds down to clean....I got you a head start on 'em.......  Now that my job is done down'll find me up in my tower.....   :)

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